Soon I will go to Harrow for the last time to my dads house to make a last pass for photographs before the house clearance company comes in. He lived there for his whole adult life and the entirety of mine until his death last year. Probate has been passed on the will and we … Continue reading Wallpaper

Lockdown Yoga Life

Who has two thumbs and a bunch of randomly collected together cushions and bits of neglected real yoga stuff? I do. Pictured L to R, ignoring the jelly mould collection, we have; a couple of cork bricks which I'm not using much but which are there if I want them, the grey things are blocks … Continue reading Lockdown Yoga Life

Love in the time of COVID 19

On the internet, as so often I am, there is talk of little else but coronavirus. Today on Facebook one friend has announced he and his family can’t go home to Munich from the USA because of an embargo on flights to Europe, another is flying from Sydney to New Zealand to see her mother … Continue reading Love in the time of COVID 19

Gardening on Mars

Here I am on the mainland.  My brother meets me at Schiphol, we take a train, and from Centraal we walk. A delicious decompression after the rushing and penning of flight and the relentless administrations of travel. Roland points out buildings and waves in directions and weaves in narratives while I partition the rest of … Continue reading Gardening on Mars

The Landscape of my Everyday Mind

I’m half way through writing thirty paragraphs in thirty days. My friend Terri set it up on Facebook. It’s mostly academics - this (this being a fortnight borrowed from the back of August and the next fortnight, the first two of September) is their good time of year to write, or perhaps better to call … Continue reading The Landscape of my Everyday Mind

Growing and Changing

Obviously, the construction of the self varies across cultures. What’s in it for us, when we stop and think about it? There’s plenty of material to be found wherever you look, and sometimes it catches you unawares. Like, you’re looking at something from outside your own culture for some other reason and suddenly you realise … Continue reading Growing and Changing