Human Condition

How has college been going? Well, we're one term in and I'm still managing. I haven't been to all the classes but whatever. I didn't want to miss the last class with the lovely Holly, partly because I didn't want to miss the last class with the lovely Holly Dawson, but also because we had … Continue reading Human Condition



Good Mornington Crescent* This morning I was supposed to go to a day school thingy for my course, but yesterday I was in a world of migraine and now I'm having a lovely postdrome thankyouverymuch. Postdrome is a bit like a hangover for reference. So, but I have a rather clear day, and apart from … Continue reading ADHD PTSD ASC and Me

Wasps and Crisps

In the never ending gift of what it is to finally find 'your people' I've woken up this morning and gone straight into the vortex of the lovely aspie women's group I'm in online. We're talking about echolalia and the different words we like to say. Over and over again, because that's how we like … Continue reading Wasps and Crisps

Routines, Subroutines, and Mono-type Obsessions

Good morning. Or whatever. It's a different week for me this week which is a bit good and a bit not good. It is a truth universally acknowledged that ASC people NEED routines. Like, it's not just that things go better if things go well and normally, nor is it exactly OCD either. It's just … Continue reading Routines, Subroutines, and Mono-type Obsessions

A Buffet of Senses

Two hard days down the migraine mine shaft, I've even missed my restorative yoga Monday evening with which I hope to offset the back pain from sitting in class today, so I head towards the pool before class. It's dazzling sunshine and perversely I stick to the shadows rather than go to the effort of … Continue reading A Buffet of Senses

Writing Course, Week Two – Spotty Cloth, Swimming Pool

Writing class. Everyone is back again for week two. Maybe one person missing? And mostly sitting in the same seats as last week. I'm anxious but not as anxious as last week, and mainly because I'd had such an aftermath of fatigue and migraine for days after so much sitting. I wonder if I could … Continue reading Writing Course, Week Two – Spotty Cloth, Swimming Pool

Did I Doodle?

First day of college and stupidly early, nearly late then stupidly early again. As predicted. I get the bus in and snooze my alarm several times en route. I really want a hair grabber though I know I won't be able to get one I like, because I've lost mine and I get too hot, … Continue reading Did I Doodle?

Hurry Up and Wait – Too Early to be Late

It's time. College is TODAY. I woke up this morning in a state of excitement or worry. What was it? Strong feeling. I had no ideas for writing, I had ideas for moving the fridge and all the furniture in the living room. I got up, and obviously couldn't move fridges. Not a thing. That … Continue reading Hurry Up and Wait – Too Early to be Late

Roll Up Your Sleeves, The Summer is Over

The season has shifted. We've got directional lighting, now. I took this photo on a morning dog walk. The summer of 2018 with it's month of no rain and hints of apocalypse is over, and, after an absence spanning since before I moved to Brighton to now, with very few exceptions, I'm back to writing. … Continue reading Roll Up Your Sleeves, The Summer is Over