Crow Interregnum

Being a health tourist certainly gives you something to do on holiday.  Every day was a check up or a surgery, and in between I had an eye patch over one eye or the other, and the loss of spatial perception was frighteningly total.  The brain is an amazing thing, and I know a handful … Continue reading Crow Interregnum


Half Term Writing Round-Up with Bonus Track

Because it's not blogging, what I've done is to post 'homework' to tumblr. If you're Facebook friends with me you might have read most of these, but even if you are there's the evil of algorithms, so here they are. We were given briefs and told 300-500 words. I made it my business to write … Continue reading Half Term Writing Round-Up with Bonus Track

Writing My (Autistic) Self

I've been doing this writing course, as you know, and I've been a bit blocked if I'm honest. I fobbed last term's teacher off with a couple of blog posts as if that'd do, and she kind of called me on it, so here's the longer piece I finally submitted, Given More Time I Would Have... … Continue reading Writing My (Autistic) Self

What is Recovery – a Day Out in London

It has been a week since my BIG DAY OUT and I'm only just writing about it now. This is not entirely because of, but is mostly because of the toll doing things takes on me. It may seem like a bizarre idea, but you actually need energy to write. I know. Who knew? I … Continue reading What is Recovery – a Day Out in London


Good Mornington Crescent* This morning I was supposed to go to a day school thingy for my course, but yesterday I was in a world of migraine and now I'm having a lovely postdrome thankyouverymuch. Postdrome is a bit like a hangover for reference. So, but I have a rather clear day, and apart from … Continue reading ADHD PTSD ASC and Me

Routines, Subroutines, and Mono-type Obsessions

Good morning. Or whatever. It's a different week for me this week which is a bit good and a bit not good. It is a truth universally acknowledged that ASC people NEED routines. Like, it's not just that things go better if things go well and normally, nor is it exactly OCD either. It's just … Continue reading Routines, Subroutines, and Mono-type Obsessions