Emotional Sandwich

After a day of feeling out of sorts, eating garbage, and watching TV, I gathered my wits and changed into yoga pants and left the house. It had been an emotional week, and I needed the re-set. The trip was well planned for pacing. Rest then travel, then rest then funeral, then rest then travel … Continue reading Emotional Sandwich

The Landscape of my Everyday Mind

I’m half way through writing thirty paragraphs in thirty days. My friend Terri set it up on Facebook. It’s mostly academics - this (this being a fortnight borrowed from the back of August and the next fortnight, the first two of September) is their good time of year to write, or perhaps better to call … Continue reading The Landscape of my Everyday Mind

Growing and Changing

Obviously, the construction of the self varies across cultures. What’s in it for us, when we stop and think about it? There’s plenty of material to be found wherever you look, and sometimes it catches you unawares. Like, you’re looking at something from outside your own culture for some other reason and suddenly you realise … Continue reading Growing and Changing

Ghosts and Donkeys

Imagine if you could imagine the future ghosts of your friends? Here I am in one Georgian dreamscape while my friend Joe is sitting outside a cafe in another. Time travellers both, he WhatsApps me a photograph from Huskission Street. If I could have seen him from my past into his present moment I could … Continue reading Ghosts and Donkeys

Half Term Writing Round-Up with Bonus Track

Because it's not blogging, what I've done is to post 'homework' to tumblr. If you're Facebook friends with me you might have read most of these, but even if you are there's the evil of algorithms, so here they are. We were given briefs and told 300-500 words. I made it my business to write … Continue reading Half Term Writing Round-Up with Bonus Track

Writing My (Autistic) Self

I've been doing this writing course, as you know, and I've been a bit blocked if I'm honest. I fobbed last term's teacher off with a couple of blog posts as if that'd do, and she kind of called me on it, so here's the longer piece I finally submitted, Given More Time I Would Have... … Continue reading Writing My (Autistic) Self

What is Recovery – a Day Out in London

It has been a week since my BIG DAY OUT and I'm only just writing about it now. This is not entirely because of, but is mostly because of the toll doing things takes on me. It may seem like a bizarre idea, but you actually need energy to write. I know. Who knew? I … Continue reading What is Recovery – a Day Out in London