staffie in sorry state shock

poor poppet! so, thursday we were on the towpath. poppet was on the lead, everything was normal. a woman up ahead had two dogs off the lead, and i saw her put a lead on one of her dogs. this led me to feel perfectly safe, since normally if someone is conscientious enough to put […]

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i’ve got klout

klout is a very humbling site. no matter how much i use it i have never really understood it. as far as i can usefully see, it’s, i don’t know, some sort of marketing thing? anyway, you are supposed to be able to measure how influential you are in various topics, which might be impressive? […]

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pinterest versus tumblr

i’m not just an early uptaker because i am bleeding edge trendy. though i AM. obviously. but because i am interested in social media, and i like to landgrab all the elaine4queen potential real estate. not that i have ever come across competition for the name, but – okay, whatever, i have no excuse as […]

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10 things from cats to grumbles

1. so, i’ve got some cats for ya. pretty much as an apology in advance for some howling i am going to do later on. have them now or save them for later, the choice is yours. here’s one to be going on with 2. i am having a total nervo about a benefits […]

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