A Face on Her

When I first got ill I had a lot of residual fitness. This did not really seem like a big deal to me, because, like my health, I took it for granted. Okay, so I had a whole lot of pain, but I could get about, and actually after I stopped being able to work […]

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HRT? No thanks, I’ll pass.

First of all, the last thing a migraineur needs is dosing with oestrogen and second of all the last thing a spoonie needs is a new slew of drugs and their side effects on top of whatever nest of medications they are already juggling. Woah – there’s a mixed metaphor for you, and as good […]

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spoons and a tumblr post

Migraine Awareness Month #14:¬† “Live Long, and Prosper.”¬†Come up with a short, simple phrase or sentence that could be used when saying “Hello” or “Good-bye” that expresses your wishes for fellow Migraineurs. ALL THE SPOONS! (along with some sort of physical touch, ideally) you can read about spoon theory here. migraine certainly takes it out […]

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