inspiring quotes and difficult times

a LOT of words in this tumblr many, many quotes. good ones, too. life, death, existence. writing, art, cookery. it’s all there. from letters of note and now my saved stuff in tumblr is all image based, and it is talking to me in a different way. having done a couple of extemporized posts, […]

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i heart tea

today’s tumblr is short, but it’s sweet. containing, as it does, lots of hearts. and a surprise. or more than one surprise if you weren’t expecting to see human hearts. DOH! dammit… also, you never know when you might need to remove a heart from a body, so there’s that. forewarned is forearmed. today […]

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pinterest versus tumblr

i’m not just an early uptaker because i am bleeding edge trendy. though i AM. obviously. but because i am interested in social media, and i like to landgrab all the elaine4queen potential real estate. not that i have ever come across competition for the name, but – okay, whatever, i have no excuse as […]

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two posts? are you kidding?

i am not kidding. this is my second post today. you’re so welcome. not satisfied with writing every day for the past few days, here i am writing a second. well. let’s put this in context – i wrote about how i awarded myself a dotty headbanger award and answered her award questions. and that […]

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10 things from cats to grumbles

1. so, i’ve got some cats for ya. pretty much as an apology in advance for some howling i am going to do later on. have them now or save them for later, the choice is yours. here’s one to be going on with 2. i am having a total nervo about a benefits […]

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foam slippers

you may have noticed that i haven’t exactly been blogging my heart out lately. well, there’s been a couple of things. first of all, i spent a couple of days ‘hospitalized’. that is to say; i was in a crazy ward. second of all there was an aftermath, which i am only just beginning to […]

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please shut the gate

the horse hasn’t actually bolted yet! so just let’s not be too dramatic… after a tough few days i got up this morning to the most beautiful misty daybreak. poppet and i walked down the canal in the semi darkness mixed with milk and i wished i had my camera with me. i took it […]

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rainy day on the tottenham riveira

living here is a bit like being on holiday, a rainy day means wrapping up for dog walks and then coming in and having hot drinks, being cozy and playing cards in the caravan blogging about it. thank god olly left the flat in good decorative order, because it’s hard enough just doing basic […]

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