my fashion predictions for 2012

yesterday ‘klout’ informed me that i was ‘probably influential’ about fashion. i don’t know if there is anything in the history of the internet more useless than ‘klout’ but if there is i certainly don’t even want to know about it. klout has insisted, for some time, that i am influential about cars. reader, i […]

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seasonably smug

being, as i am, both childless and curmudgeonly, it is apt indeed for me not to celebrate xmas in the trad style. i am too old to go “home” and traveling at this time of year is a MARE have you not noticed? there is a reason we stay in and decorate the cave with […]

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big art

look at how big this is! i love it. i never go to galleries any more, but if i did, and i saw this, i would be really, really pleased. granted, you’d have to have a big wall to hang it on, but that’s what public galleries are for – not to be sitting rooms. […]

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