Hurry Up and Wait

Everything feels a bit ‘hurry up and wait’ just now. I’ve found someone to swap flats with, but he wants to postpone, I’ve got a new neurologist, but I have to wait for some treatment, and the one I’m trying just now may or may not be helpful, and I’m still waiting to hear about […]

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Of Beds and Bedrooms

Being somewhat criptastic. Or spoony. Disabled? Certainly I have the dread Invisible Illness. I have spent the past couple of months in bed. I have also spent this morning, in a short window of relative wellness writing to my MP and encouraging others to do so too, on the subject of the reviled Bedroom Tax. […]

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A Day Out with My Brain

To the trains! Today was a most intrepid day. I had Bowen lady followed by a neurology appointment. Ten came with me, because, you know,¬†traveling. The first half of the day was easy enough, but by the time we’d done it all¬†I needed serious supervision to get home. I’d wondered what he was going to […]

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on mute

in an argument between the mind and the body the body will ultimately win. FACT. was it really only last week that i had the botox injections (31 of them) for my migraine? okay, it was 10 days ago, and it feels like a lifetime, because after i had them i went straight out and […]

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