In Brightlingstone

“Since we live on an island, and have the sea about us, we cannot want an excellent cold bath” Do not fear, I have not been out bathing. I have been in bathing, inasmuch as I have bathed, in a bath, but there are those that do, in the sea. All year. No matter the weather. […]

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Doormat Redux

A propos of I Am Not a Doormat (my previous post) I just thought I’d share with you what happens when a wordpress post’s first picture gets reblogged on tumblr. Before anything else, let me tell you that if you click on these three images you will go to the reblogger’s page… and some of that […]

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I Am Not A Doormat

This morning I was talking about anger on facebook. And my difficulty metabolizing it… At one point I said I’d been a doormat in the past, and that I didn’t want to go down that road again and my friend Angie posted this on my timeline; This made me laugh. And THEN she posted THIS! […]

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Paris is a Trip

I am back from la France. It was brilliant. There was cake and cheese and shoes and bees. We met la Messy Nessy Chic and we gained muscle mass on the hills. Everything with ‘Mont’ in the name? That’s going to be a hill, it turns out. And hills go up as well as down. […]

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