Routines, Subroutines, and Mono-type Obsessions

Good morning. Or whatever. It's a different week for me this week which is a bit good and a bit not good. It is a truth universally acknowledged that ASC people NEED routines. Like, it's not just that things go better if things go well and normally, nor is it exactly OCD either. It's just … Continue reading Routines, Subroutines, and Mono-type Obsessions


I’m Promising Nothing

January is what it is. In the colder parts of the temperate world not only does it bring a post Xmas crash, and a slew of resolutions that are destined to be broken, but also it is the coldest time, and will still be dark in the afternoons. No one loves that, and people who … Continue reading I’m Promising Nothing

Breast Up, Back Down

In a previous iteration I was pretty active for a non sporty┬átype. Like, I started swimming regularly because there was a laundry at my local pool at St George's. A large load bought me a 40 minute swim. I don't hate laundrettes, in fact, when I was a kid my mum was friends with the … Continue reading Breast Up, Back Down

Of Beds and Bedrooms

Being somewhat criptastic. Or spoony. Disabled? Certainly I have the dread Invisible Illness. I have spent the past couple of months in bed. I have also spent this morning, in a short window of relative wellness writing to my MP and encouraging others to do so too, on the subject of the reviled Bedroom Tax. … Continue reading Of Beds and Bedrooms