A Migraine, Some Shopping, Dog Pictures, Mortality, and Sauce

A bit of calm after the storm of migraine. I overdid it on the yoga and then there was a horrible migraine weather and between them they floored me. Not only was I migraining off my head, but also my feet, knees, and back were over-challenged from the yoga. Normally I know when to hold back, but evidently I failed this time round. It’s tricky though, because my body likes the stretching at the time and just afterwards, but then a day later and for a couple of days after that the fibro plays merry hell.

On a more positive note, I’ve discovered that Ocado do everything Waitrose does and more, online. What is that about? And I now have a shop imminent, which includes hair care that might not make me itch and I have a chap who is going to email or call me when the raw sesame oil is back in. This is a luxury and a necessity. You could, of course, keep sesame oil in the kitchen, and if it is toasted that is certainly what you’d do unless you wanted dogs to lick your skin in the street. Raw sesame oil is ‘live’ in some way and it not only moisturises nicely but can even sort out athlete’s foot as well. How’s that for a toiletry? It’s expensive as a food but compared to most moisturisers it’s a snip. What you are supposed to do is to slather it on before a bath or shower and then wash normally and magically you are all soft and lovely when you get out. It doesn’t even make the bath or towels sticky. Careful of the soles of your feet though, I don’t want you slipping and suing me.

What else? Well, I joined Wowcher which is like Groupon. I never did Groupon, but Wowcher has been petitioning me with ads between my Words With Friends games and I kind of just thought ‘why not?’ and gave it a click. A lot of what they offer is cobblers, but I got a new mattress which is definitely good value as it is cheap but super comfy, and the other day I bought £9 worth of photographs for a quid. Well, of course, if you had to pay me per hour to pick and then crop each photo it comes in at more than that, and arguably, endlessly scrolling on a computer for hours is not an ideal way of spending a migraine, but on the other hand it passed the time. Here is what I have learned. I have at least 100 pictures of Poppet with various humans and dogs. They are all fabulous, and my plan is to stick ’em on the wall when I get them. I don’t know exactly what I plan on using – tape can peel off paint at the end of the display and Blu Tac leaves a greasy stain, so depending on how I want to display them I might spring for a frame or two.

I have a ton of other framed art and pictures that want framing and none of it is hung, but maybe this project will kick start me into hanging it all. My plan is to have them up in the cosy nook in the corner of the L shaped room.

In ‘social media’ news I’ve been hosting some quite good debates on Facebook and a certain Arran decided to let me know when the thread reached 100, of which we have had three in short succession. That’s not even counting sub-threads of which there have been many.

From Killstar’s tumblr

I’ve abandoned Facebook for the quieter halls of tumblr for some of the time, and torn through some audiobooks but nothing to write home about. Grateful for them, though, they make the whole migraine thing much more manageable, as well as ‘convalescent time’. During which I continued to listen but started pottering about doing a bit of tidying.

Apartheid rubbish from bedroom tidying.

I’m watching a couple of telly programmes. Inspector George Gently is vintage and soothing, with murders, so that’s a nice mix, and then I’m watching a Channel 4 offering called No Offence. It’s a cop show, a murder and a lot of female leads which is all good. It’s put out by the people who did Shameless, which I didn’t like. They are sort of billing it as being a bit edgy, but I’m not really seeing that, just good gritty copper show, done well.

Here’s something I can happily endorse/promote. Lucy Mallow has made these lovely cards which are for sale. She has also, helpfully, also had postcards made. I love this image soooo much! Here’s the link link so you can snap them up at brightonopen.com


What else has been going on in my corner of the internet? Well, very sadly, autism campaigner and fellow blogger Jim Walter‘s wife, Leslie, died recently and his blog has been horribly but beautifully eye rinsing lately. This post on Spaghetti Sauce is heartbreaking and heartwarming by turns and I urge you, if you have a heart to break, to read how eloquently he documents the way he handles the family grief with a rare mix of wit, honesty, and kindness.


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