End the Silence on Domestic Violence

I woke up this morning – drrn drnn drrrrDUN.

Anyway I woke up and as is my habit I turned to social media for a little light howdy doodly do, and almost the first thing that caught my attention was Julie Graham‘s fizzog with an exhortation to join in a selfie drive in support of Avon throwing money at Refuge

Of course, her photo was super glam, so with a face full of sleep and with all the allure of cold porridge I decided to wait a bit before doing mine. I shared the bejeezus out of hers in the meantime to help amplify the message. Here’s hers…


And here’s mine.


There’s plenty going on on the twitter hashtag #wallofsilence but I am still a bit useless at instagram, but got it up eventually,  anyway it’s the same deal there – use the hashtag, Avon coughs up £1.

So we’re heading towards the end of the year on the same theme as we were last year, and on the 29th of April we had what turned out to be truly a gala night – the glamorous End Of. I didn’t blog about it properly at the time, because I was so bloody knackered for a variety of reasons, so I’m going to try to do it a bit more justice now.

First of all, one thing I did share in passing was a snippet of Alison Moyet…

Sorry it’s short, but SHE WAS THERE, YO! As were many others. The steering committee spent several months getting the evening arranged, and there was Caitlin Moran and Tracy Thorn reading out stuff they’d written in their books, that was good, everything was pretty short, and they had a good criteria for selection too, if anyone showed any sign of diva behaviour, asking for free tickets, wanting special treatment of any sort they just didn’t pursue having them, so on the night the people who were there were all friendly with each other, there were absolutely no free seats, and it was a great night which raised over twelve grand for RISE who were having some financial straits. I’d spent several months collating articles that seemed relevant to me on a tumblr which I still add to, so there are quite a few news articles, op ed pieces, some art works, whatever came into my orbit about the topic as the event approached, and I didn’t see much point in stopping adding to it afterwards, so it’s still going.

There were lots of us involved, you know who you are. The night would have been endless if they’d thanked everyone from the stage, and this post would be endless and frankly never finished if I tried to figure out the entire list to credit.

At any rate! Well done us!

The main gang, including Julie G and Julie Burchill were all meeting up in Brighton to make the event happen. Julie G took on tweeting, so I helped her set up her twitter account (click through her name in the first paragraph) and it was a bit of a rushed affair, so there was a small matter of me forgetting to tell her how to stop every single notification coming in to her email. Being a regular person I did that when I got around to it, but she was quickly snowed under til I talked her through turning them off – she was doing Bletchley at the time, and there was a whole troupe of #ladynerds who at the time of writing this are clearly still pretty active.

You know I don’t hold down a regular job, I’m just not well enough, but it was great to be able to contribute to something. It was useful to me to know there was an end date, even though in the end I didn’t stop adding to the tumblr, I could have done, and there have been huge gaps of time where I’ve been too ill to prioritise it, but if something comes into my Facebook or something and it seems relevant then I usually chuck it in, in case anyone is ever looking for a bunch of badly collated stuff about the topic.

The irrepressible Clare Cathcart was the Mistress of Ceremonies – can we call it that or would that be mad and old timey while also being warped? Anyway, she introduced the acts, often with a “RIGHT THEN” as each performer raced on set and off again in quick succession. She was getting into a pretty good stride with her own acting career, and was a sparkly lady about town, til her incredibly untimely death in September. Here she is with her paws in something with bezzie mate Julie.

Photo by Emma Jane Lee, Julie gropes for winners while Clare looks on, and Stephanie Starlet reads out the results. Hoots were had.

Here’s a lovely photo of Clare…


On a completely selfish note, I am bloody furious that she died – she was a lovely woman who left behind children and devastated friends and workmates, and deprived us all of a very cut short career of comedic and dramatic work. It has been weird and lovely and sad to see her on Casualty and New Tricks since her death, dammit, she was just getting into her stride.

It feels weird and a bit cut and shut of me to memorialise Clare at this point, when clearly the post is about something else, but I can’t not mention her, she was an important part of End Of, and while we weren’t close I liked her and, probably more importantly, to me, she mattered a lot to people who matter a lot to me.


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