Breakfast of Champions – Referendum, Writing, and Travel

Yesterday I finally weighed in on the Independence debate. What do you mean, last minute? There is a WHOLE DAY to go yet!

Anyway, I wrote about it on Facebook, and then on tumblr. Then, for good measure I copied it onto a site I’d not seen before, which is easy to join and format free for those who can’t be bothered with the fiddlearseing you have to do on WordPress and have to do a bit on tumblr.

Apparently we will know the outcome ‘breakfast time’ on Friday.


As a Londoner for more than 25 years, clearly, I don’t get a vote. I am, however, happy that this debate has happened whatever the outcome. As Josh White puts it in his post Free of London in Souciant

“The independence of Scotland would also humiliate the Cameron government, possibly beyond repair, showing up the Conservatives as a vulnerable force. This is likely the case even if Scotland gains greater powers and remains within the UK. The Left should be asking itself, “Why haven’t we been able to undermine the Con-Dems in this way?”

Whatever the map looks like on Friday morning, the terrain is already changing.


Speaking of blackberries (oh come on, we all know that was the elephant in the room!) it’s been a year since I read out Pattern Recognition at Have a Word and I’ve written very little since, I’ve barely even blogged, and that is a SAD THING for me. So in the summer I started a Facebook group First Thursday Writers and The Like with the idea of holding a salon at home. This was possible to consider because my new flat is large and central, and I got the idea from having had hopes dashed of doing a course in Narrative Non Fiction at City Uni. I had to recognise that I am really not well enough to do a full time course. After I recovered from the inevitable soul crushing I looked at short courses, and I noticed that, for people who had done a short course, they were offering a monthly meet up course for people who had completed one of the term long courses. I was attracted to that but thought HANG ON because I know enough writers and creative people with writing projects to drum up a group myself and have them come to me, which, in my quest for less travel to events literally couldn’t be easier to get to. So I started a Facebook group and invited people who either lived in London or who might be likely to visit once a month, and got started. We had our first meeting this month and there was only three of us, but we had a really productive session. I read out Pattern Recognition again, and also some other snippets. First of all, it had been some time since I’d looked at it and I thought it would have sort of ‘gone off’ and would need ripping apart, but it actually hung together quite well. The other thing I got as feedback was that the other snippets I’d read out, which I’d been seeing as random beginnings of other projects also hung well with that piece. It gave me some heart to carry on, even though it will inevitably be very slowly.

Today I opened up the Facebook page to anyone anywhere who is writing and wants to get posts from the group – it’s mainly me posting in it just now, and I have been sharing stuff about writing, mainly to remind people that the group still exists, but someone commented that they liked the posts and I thought, well then, why not make the page open to anyone to follow, even if they will never make it to London for a meeting, after all, isn’t that what the internet is good for?


Between moving house and messing with medication I’ve not traveled further than Brighton this year. This is a pisser because I really benefitted from extra warmth last year. One way and another I haven’t been able to get a shot of warmth this year, beyond the hot spell in London, and, being unwell I’ve not wanted to travel alone. I had a shot at meeting a friend for a holiday, but for the past few months I’ve not been able to walk for more than ten minutes at a time without a river of pain down my shoulders and back, and that’s without carrying anything. I’d be miserable being abroad if it didn’t make me feel more well, and with hotels as well as flights I felt it was too much of a financial risk, too. Enter Ken with an invite to Munich! Exactly NO hotter than here, but equally, a cheap flight away, a change of scenery, and staying at his makes this a less scary prospect. We have 24/7’d before, and I know he won’t mind if I can’t manage more than a bit of dog cuddling, epic conversations and cake eating, and if I have it in me he knows all the local walks, the cultural stuff, and *whisper* if I am well enough I want to go to Weimar and see the Bauhaus museum.



9 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions – Referendum, Writing, and Travel

  1. This is the only thing I’ve read all day online xxx
    I enjoyed it so very much I’m going to quit while in ahead,
    Thank Elaineforqueen xxx I am going to write something now xxx

  2. Despite your back condition, apparently you ARE sitting on front of screen. —– Wasn’t that the root cause. (Since I started my blog, I earned my back problem.) 😦 😀

    1. Well, you can’t *see* me, but although I do sit up, I tend to move around a lot and don’t do a whole post at once, but in reality I actually lie down a hell of a lot with the laptop propped up. This might not be the best of all worlds, but it is at least somewhat sustainable! (Also, I’ve found an old lady yoga class to go to which is a profound relief)

      1. If you believe it’s good, it might be good for you. (Mind-set makes it’s work)
        Still, in my case study, — before I started my blog, I was dubbed as a man of in-destructive nature though, when I started to feel back-pain, I checked myself in
        a mirror, and found my spine is no longer straight.
        then noticed that the way I sit on front of PC was slightly angled. I’ve changed all of them though, the damage has been done.

        1. There is usually *something* to be done, but whether you can go backwards with back stuff is doubtful. The main thing I haven’t done is surgery. Back surgery is notoriously crap, and if you have at least got the same structure you had before there is some hope. It’s not easy, though and you have my sympathy.

          1. Thank you Eline.
            Until few weeks ago, I didn’t take any medication,
            nor had registered GP (doctor) —– then my friends forced me to see the doctor, = despite everything was normal then the hell was opened (Hospital
            acquired diseases ? ? ? — to suppress the symptom which I never seen in my life, I have to take antibiotic.) I hate it.

            1. Eep! That does NOT sound good!

              It’s true, there is an element of risk getting involved in health care.

              Are you London based? The yoga class I go to is super cheap and there are spaces, it’s during the day on a Friday in the City.

              1. Thank you Elene.
                Being as a zennist, and a naturalist, I got know many so-called Yoga teacher — as far as I found, the ancient original yoga was much more like the body movement, (hard to teach) hence western teacher resorting with easy way
                = just twist the body.
                You may refer a post [Most bizarre story in Zen]

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