Violence, Sleep, and Cake

It has been some time since my last confession, but let me tell you now, there’s no news like no news, and I’ve got no news. Not really. I made a tumblr this morning in which I, possibly rather redundantly, reblogged every post I’ve put in the End Of. tumblr so far. Weeeelll… it’s World Day Against Violence Against Women so why not?

It’s a small man…

It is the flimsiest of coincidences that I post an Italian poster here… but here’s a segue – BECAUSE IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW ALREADY IT’S THREE SLEEPS TO PALERMO! And by sheer magic, kismet, what have you, I have already put my foot in it by announcing on facebook that I am going to Italy. NO! I am going to Sicily! Quite different, apparently. Also, by sheer spooky coincidence, apparently Palermo is the city of CAKE. This is not entirely good news, but I’ll take it. And I will also take yoga pants in order to forgive what may occur to my waist. In the meantime I have become a fan of and facebook friend of one Phil Lucas who, it turns out doesn’t just make amusing internetty things and daft fake council notifications around Brighton but does some sort of stand up/spoken word. So he is MY PEOPLE even though we have no fb friends in common and I probably came across as a crazy stalker lady when I friended him. This is modern life. Or postmodern life, if you prefer. I don’t because I think postmodernism is a massive hoax.

Click through here if you want to see his tomfoolery.

So, I’m quite the schmoozer, considering how seldom I leave the house. I’ve also friended up one Graham Duff, who I do have fb friends in common with, which makes me feel slightly less like a mad fawning fan, although, of course, I am, and that’s not how we met (we haven’t met IRL yet). He wrote Ideal, starring Johnny Vegas, about a small time drug dealer in Salford. Forget Breaking Bad, this is the real deal.

And how I ended up facebook friending the writer of this is that I met the person Tanya is based on! She IS called Tanya, but she stresses she DOES NOT do shoplifting. Even more amazing is that we met at all, since she is possibly even more hermitty than I am, but that’s the UNIVERSE and it’s mysterious ways, yo!


4 thoughts on “Violence, Sleep, and Cake

  1. I am so excited about Palermo you’d think I was going. All the photos, please. Not JUST of cake. I want to see all the things. Including you being a lady of leisure in the sunshine. (There will be sunshine, right? Please tell me it won’t be freezing there. I’d be heartbroken.)

    1. It SHOULD be warmER than here… When I booked it was 10 here and 20 there, but now it’s 7 and 14.

      If it is crappy we will just hang out at the hotel and get hysterical. I’m assuming.

      1. 14 is still very nice. I would happily frolic around in 14 degrees at this point.

        As long as there’s cake. If you’re going to hang out in the hotel and have hysterical-times, be sure to pack in some cake. You’ll need those extra calories for the laughing.

        1. Ken will be there by now!

          It is teatime the day before and I am SICK WITH ANTICIPATION. Ten has made me a minty tea and I am watching the Young Montalbano to get myself Sicilian.

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