The Art of Falling Apart – Stormy Weather on the Lea


11 responses to “The Art of Falling Apart – Stormy Weather on the Lea

    • I know!

      I thought it’d look jaunty, but it didn’t. Actually, none of it really did. I got sick of looking at broken trees by the end of it.

      • I have a sad broken cello in the corner of my office and no clue what to do with it… it would make good friends with your sad guitar haha

          • That was my thought… To turn it into something…
            The middle part where the strings are strung is missing a big chunk. Someone found it in a closet where I work and, as I am the keeper of the lost and wounded, they brought it to me.

            • The “middle bit” is called the soundboard. It’s not reparable of itself, a whole new one would have to be made and fitted, but after that it might be a good playable instrument. If you don’t want to pay for that yourself, you might find a luthier who would take it on as a project and create a new instrument for someone else. I hate seeing broken instruments that could have been repaired.

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