I Am Not A Doormat

This morning I was talking about anger on facebook. And my difficulty metabolizing it… At one point I said I’d been a doormat in the past, and that I didn’t want to go down that road again and my friend Angie posted this on my timeline;

“she’s not a doormat!”

This made me laugh. And THEN she posted THIS!


Needless to say, these provided me with proper laugh out loudzes.

Coming off the psych drugs is a thing in itself, but then you also have the return of the repressed and it would be unhealthy and pointless coming off the drugs if you weren’t prepared to do *something* with it…

Imma keep this short for now, but I expect this theme will be back for an airing. Just wanted to share Angie’s LOLZERS with you.


3 thoughts on “I Am Not A Doormat

    1. I have one, which was here when I moved in, at the front, not at the back, where all the mud is. I kinda sorta mean to get around to getting another, and yet never do it. I also rarely hoover and even more seldomly mop.

      Call me a crazy filthy half baked whatever if you like. Your call.

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