Delft II

Lisa works in Ikea arranging things, taking photos of her arrangements, and then sending the images around the world so that Ikeas everywhere can better display their bits and bobs. This is obviously part developed skill and part tidybrain syndrome (this is what I have called it, do you like it Lisa? Or is there a better, less pathological sounding term you’d prefer?)

Either way, when I saw my brother had stacked the washing up thusly I asked if this was Lisa’s influence, and he said “No, Richard Serra.” He then explained that you didn’t need sheet metal to do home made Serras. Try it yourself! You might like it!

sorry, not serra


When we went out for brunch I was going to have the apple and bacon pancake again – it WAS good. However, I saw the little crown stuck in this and decided to challenge my monomania.

“Most Delicious” – says Alex

Here it is in English, in case you don’t read Dutch.

“I told you it was delicious!” – says Alex

Unlike a lot of food compared to the picture in the menu (there’s a whole tumblr dedicated to this topic, and it makes for dismal reading/viewing) I thought that this was not only well presented but was so easily scarfed that I couldn’t say it wasn’t nice. But the flag was disappointing, and also it wasn’t a bacon and apple pancake, which was sad.

fly the flag!

In other Delft related news, I thought this cheese shop protesteth too much. And I don’t see any of the so – called “MORE” they speak of. (Although we didn’t go inside, so it could have been packed to the gunwales with ‘more’.)

cheese, for sure
nameless famous squinty church

And I leave you with the squinty church. Doubtless it has a name, and it’s definitely famous.


10 thoughts on “Delft II

  1. How could you NOT get that, Elaine? It is the MOST DELICIOUS BREAD ROLLS OF THE NETHERLANDS! Of the whole COUNTRY!

    Also, that cow outside the cheese shop made me laugh and laugh, and you know I would have had my photo taken with it, making some sort of cow-gesture or face or something. Because how could I not have done that?

    1. I have to beg to differ. Alex is obviously just the sort of guy who likes raw meat and oranges in a roll. It was ALRIGHT but it wasn’t in the same league as the apple and bacon pancake.

      Yes, I believe you WOULD have your photo taken with the cows. This may be why they are there. Apparently they started off with just the one cow, then they added another, and now they have a bunch of plastic cheeses out there, too. I wonder what will be NEXT???

      1. “raw meat and oranges in a roll” made me giggle. Then say ew. No thanks, Netherlands.

        I would get my photo taken with cows AND cheeses! Next will be…goats?

        1. The raw meat and oranges in a roll was ALRIGHT it just wasn’t the BEST sandwich in 25 years. Or, of course, as good as a pancake.

          I will be interested to hear about any additions to the cow and cheese family. And will certainly share any information gained.

  2. The Oude Kerk. Vermeer is buried there. The tower is in the distance on the left side of his ‘View of Delft’. Did you go inside? I read it has 3 pipe organs.

    1. That’s the badger. There’s apparently a Vermeer museum there – but it’s too expensive for them to actually own any Vermeers so they are all fake.

      I didn’t go outside, but there was a bit of a chamber orchestra festival going on and I was treated to someone practising their oboe one morning. Nice.

  3. It was the most delicious bread roll of the Netherlands AND of the last twenty-five years. No wonder it was Alex’ choice!

    All that cheese in Cheese and More must have been on shelves. They’d be the ‘more’, surely? Just that Cheese on Shelves is a terrible name for a shop. (A town near me has a wooden boat club that holds an annual wooden boat festival, with the slogan ‘more than just wooden boats!’)

    1. HA HAA HA!

      Clearly the ‘more than’ is a whole THING.

      My brother told me a story about a kebab called a kapper kebab – literally ‘hairdresser kebab’ named after a hairdresser who liked to have chips and not salad inside his kebab. Soon people were just going in asking for a ‘hairdresser’.

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