Three Pictures from Delft

Sleep is a many splendoured thing.  And I haven’t had my usual quotient since arriving in Holland. I am too vain to show you my mozzie bites, but I can confirm that the Dutch mozzie is no amateur. Because of this we’ve had a bit of a theme to our outings – yesterday we tried to get a citronelle thingy like the one I have at home, to no avail. Got a blue light thing which I think distracts flies, but it has zero impact on mozzies. Today’s outing secured us a net, so although I probably have about 20 bites to keep me awake the buzzing noise shouldn’t be quite so close to my face (where I have about 4 bites round my eye) and I shouldn’t be collecting any more.

nap time

Delft is, of course, canal rich. But living where I do it’s more just ‘nice’ than ‘oh wow’. I do like the way that the buildings and roads run alongside the canals though, in a way that we don’t have on the Tottenham Riviera with our towpath. More urban, but also very picturesque.

This morning I was pretty dozy after my second night of the mozzy, and Roland wasn’t all about rushing to get our busy on, so we had brunch out, which was a cunningly created pancake – big and thin in the European style, but with bacon and apple embedded in it and maple syrup and butter to pour and spread, so not insubstantial. A good middle ground between the crepe and the American stack.

nom time

When I first arrived there was a custom painted bike outside my brother’s flat, done in the Delft pottery style. I am SORRY I failed to take a picture, I can only claim deathly tiredness from my long ass journey. Today we went to the edge of town to get me a mosquito net, and on the way I saw a scooter called la souris (French for mouse) and I told Roland how I’d ‘prepared’ for my Paris trip by watching Eddie Izzard, and how Terri didn’t believe me when I kept overhearing people talking about mice. On the way back from the place we got the mosquito net from we went via the Delft pottery. I bought a couple of tiny things for the parental units and a tiny owl which I have hidden for R’s girlfriend, Lisa. I was wanting SOMETHING for MYSELF. Nothing really spoke to me, since I pretty actively don’t collect anything and don’t have knick knacks or ornaments or even jewellery. However, I spotted this and exclaimed “LA SOURIS!” We discussed it and decided it was a cheese board. The lady at the check out said it was a mouse mat, but what does she know?

cheese time

I’m going to get this published and be damned, now, because I am too tired not to. Roland is making a pasta, we will hang the net, and I will doubtless drop dead of exhaustion.

See you in the afterlife. I’ll be the one covered in red lumps and worrying pustules.


7 thoughts on “Three Pictures from Delft

  1. Truly hilarious! I love the ‘cheese board-Mouse-mat’ thing, its Delft-ness’ and against the grey (stone?). How its woven in to the scooter and a story at home, ha ha Funny beautiful, artistic…oooh just like your self! enjoy your trip Elaine xx emma

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