A Special Sock, and a Special “Baby”

Fleeing off my head on the good drugs they give you in hospital, I confided, possibly quite loudly, to my mother, that I would be stealing the socks I’d been dressed with for my operation. They were so comfortable. Everything is so good on the good drugs. They’ve been in my sock drawer ever since, and the other day, sick of a long running calf muscle pain aggravated by the wearing of flip flops, I dug one out and put it on.

seems i got a d- for embolism. or for anti-embolism… it’s not entirely clear

On thursday I posted

i am wearing an embolism sock

well, an ANTI embolism STOCKING if you must know.

it’s very comforting. that’s why i stole it from the hospital.

on Facebook. I got lots of likes and comments, and even a video THUS;

from Ian Dogstar. I had to wonder why he had that one handy…

I’m not big on going to hospital. This was nothing to do with anything I normally have wrong with me, and I can’t even remember how they discovered I had it, but it was a big lump the size of a delicious muffin that was lurking in my abdomen. Only it wasn’t a muffin, and it wasn’t in mah belleh as such. I have forgotten momentarily what these things are called, and in the early days it was mainly “could be cancer”, “won’t be cancer” jerking me around for months. In the end they said it was hardly ever cancerous, this thing but they “liked” to take them out. I guess, if you have a growth that is not going to metastasise then you might very well “like” to take it out – like a magician TADA! and the big lump is GONE!

My take away message about this thing, though, was that it was a sort of evil twin typa bunch of tissue, which quite often had teeth and hair. This got me unreasonably excited, and when I came round from the very very good drugs and spoke to my surgeon my question was not “am I alright?” or any variant on that, but “did it have blonde hair?” (because it’s made of your own genes, so it’s going to be YOUR genes, not some interloper you’ve been having sex with). Fair play to the surgeon, who may have had more important things to do, she told me yes, it had LOVELY LONG blonde hair.


4 thoughts on “A Special Sock, and a Special “Baby”

  1. I had that. I think it’s called a Dermoid cyst, off the top of my head. It also had the “could be might be Isn’t but we want to remove it” discussion.

    1. That’s the badger.

      It made bugger all difference to me, having it taken out, but it made them happy, and that’s the main thing.

      One thing was, though, that I got a positive ID on suspected endo, which is better to know about than not. I had a friend die of metastasised cancer after her lungs filled with blood during a period, and they decided to do a hysterectomy. And people wonder why I bang on about how brilliant the Mirena coil is.

    1. Ha!

      Now, that’s what I call comfortable.

      I wore them overnight and my calf pain eased a lot. Surprisingly handy! (Also, I reckon it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wear them on a long haul flight).

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