Leather Lane London Love

Sooo…. I went to see the Leather Lane flat this morning. When I got there she wasn’t properly up, having missed my text, and asked if I would mind terribly coming back in five minutes, so I went a little walky walk to find Lincoln Inn’s Fields, which is where I would be taking the Popster every day were I to move there.

When the GREAT FIRE was done, the idea was put forward to make a grid system to replace the medieval city. Londoners, being what they were and indeed are, didn’t fancy it, and wanted to rebuild on the spaces they already owned. Hence the City is a warren. I have a pretty good sense of direction, normally, and I know London fairly well but even so I got rather lost on the way.

The area between Farringdon and the flat is the diamond district, and between there and Lincoln’s Inn Fields is lawyer land. I saw two men standing outside a legal outfitters, and one was explaining the garb to the other. I found this little display in a pub window.

if georgia o’keefe was a londoner. or a surrealist. or a londoner and a surrealist
the view from the stairwell – that, there is leather lane, and on weekdays it is a market
looking up at the flats. one of these would be my balcony. it goes up to 13 floors, and i would be on the 9th

The flat is east facing, which is a mixed blessing. Morning sunshine only, but on the other hand, facing the City rather than West End, much quieter. When she showed me the stair well view there was a significant difference in noise, and that’s not even on a market day.

There are a metric tonne of pros and cons, but the move is probably a good idea. Probably.

She is going to come and see my place next weekend, and is not entirely convinced of my area… but it’s best she gets first shout before we open up to a three way swap, even if the last time did go quite well.


2 thoughts on “Leather Lane London Love

  1. Oh, Elaine! I love it! Look how citified it is! I imagine coming to visit you there someday and having ALL the adventures! I hope it works out. I’m sending you every single good home-swapping vibe I have. Dumbcat would send his, too, but he’s asleep, and also confused as to what’s being asked of him. As always.

    1. I am all confused and existential about it – but I did enjoy my little adventure, and know that there’d be MORE.

      I do love the towpath, but as my friend Ian says ‘It’s a bit “DunRoamin” round here’.

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