Gardening and a Possible Swap

I am still illish, quite ill. Very tired. But I have had a bite on Homeswappers, and am going to see a flat on Leather Lane on saturday. Leather Lane is part of the old medieval part of the City,  Sam Pepys will have walked down it, though I think the flat is 1970s, so he won’t have visited that. I am very excited. The swapper is not convinced by my flat but is interested in one whose resident is interested in mine, so maybe a three way swap. Worked last time pretty well, so fingers crossed. But she is going to come and see mine just in case she does fancy it… and of course I suddenly looked at the place with that outsider eye that sees beyond normal niggles to the general look of the place and I thought OH SHIT and spent a LOT of time tidying up the paved bit of the garden yesterday.

And there will have to be some ‘wildflower’ management as well. Before I went on holiday the garden was pretty dormant, but I came back to triffids.

poppies about to pop. these ones are growing from *nowhere* on my buddha’s paving slab stupa. not brilliantly placed, but they won’t stand moving, so that’s that.
i had to do a lot of tidying to get it looking like this, believe me.
the garden militia
pretty roses! ten’s mum gave me this bush, and it thrives here. i have another one, which seems to be unhappy everywhere i have tried it. effing thing.
abandoned paving project. must try to do something with these before saturday…
scruffy bit. rearranging the worm hotel, and god knows what to do with the rest of it.

I’d invest in that bark stuff to cover up the bare ground, but it only comes in ginormous bags, and I had enough trouble getting the smallest bag of compost into my shopping wheely bag thing. Maybe when Ten gets back from wherever he is we can do something with bungees.


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