So, I should be blogging for migraine awareness… but I am too ill

Fittingly, I couldn’t start blogging for Migraine Awareness Month yesterday because I wasn’t well enough. Poppet looks much as I feel, limping along after having hurled herself off a first floor balcony while I was away. She has a little skid mark on her chin.

sunbathing on the bed. that little pink mark on her chin is where she landed after her short flight of the bumblebee.

I still feel bloody awful now, but the life of the chronic is one of more or less getting on with things… though a lot of things fall by the wayside.

Doing a month of themed blogging a propos of somethingorother tends to involve a lot of rules, and as I am on day three of hammering head and horrible medication, I may do this badly or not at all. The good thing about arriving late to the party is that there is an extra prompt to use – the themes offered are usually surprisingly good, but not all are immediately inspiring. Also, it’s like the spoon thing. Good to have something in your back pocket. I am super aware of this right now, since I have been migraining for days, ever since I got back from holiday. Eight days in Spain without using triptans, and, in fact, scaling back preventative meds, too. What is it about being back? Is there some sort of innate residual stress at home? Should I be living somewhere with less weather? Or was I just unlucky with all the sitting? The same amount that I had to do on the way out there, but got away with just being over tired for a day or two? I DON’T KNOW.

This just in; I have worked out one of the reasons/the reason I am so migrainey. When I was on hollybags I stopped taking my ‘mood elevator’ along with my preventative pain killer. Discussing it with Lottie, I agreed that maybe I should take half a dose a day or every other day or whatever to let it peter out so I did that – so to recap, a few days off, then a few days of half, then PERIOD! See, I don’t get periods because of the amazing Mirena coil, which is ever so slightly progeseterone secreting. Meanwhile, however, a lot of medication, including mood drugs, while not prescribed to alter hormones are actually oestrogenic. So, suddenly a period – and the worst migraines. Mystery solved.


4 thoughts on “So, I should be blogging for migraine awareness… but I am too ill

  1. Sorry to hear about the migraines post-‘holibags’ …BUT you is da fabest photographer!! This pic of Poppet is brilliant with all its stripeyness!! Love it!

    1. Yes! Silly boo-boo. Silly me, too. At least now I can get a handle on it, even if I don’t feel better.

      Poppet is a bit smelly, too, but I can’t subject her to a bath while she is so poorly…

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