Holiday Snaps

The photos to complement previous posts When in Spain and Work, Rest, and Play

everything was labelled. when she ran out of these she simply used biro.
because you will never be able to work out how to use a light switch for yourself.
wheat and olives in the bathrooms. wrong.
flowers like opal fruits!
walter hottle bottle came along for the ride.
pool. looks nice, but took me an hour to get in it was so cold.
coffee on the beach. like a boss.
not everything was derisible. the garden was well planted and there were lots of pretty succlents.
garlic so fercund that it even had an extra ring around the garlic of more garlic.
view from the balcony. it was pretty nice. though you could see benidorm from the beach, which was terrifying.
one of only two pieces of graffiti in el portet.
no domestic animals. perhaps bring your cows?
sorry graf.

6 thoughts on “Holiday Snaps

  1. I’m curious about the somewhat bloody fingerprint on the lightswitch. Did you play Clue about that while you were there? You should have.

    Also, “lo siento” is a most excellent thing to graffiti. And the beach is BEAUTIFUL.

    1. The beaches were very pretty, and also walkable with a 2 1/2 year old, the nearest one he could manage on his own. And we did refuel with coffee when we got there, a lot of the time.

      The ‘lo siento’ graffiti is the first thing you see on arrival at el portet – you have to wait til you go to the beach to see ‘bastarda’.

      The bloody light switch is some sort of paint. I can’t even think she is sensible enough to have used nail polish. I mean, of all the things that may need some sort of explanation, how to turn a light switch on isn’t really one of them. The extra bit of carved in ‘on’ kills me.

      1. I like that the first thing you see upon arrival is “lo siento.” It’s like someone’s apologizing you’ve arrived. “We’re so sorry! Please don’t be mad!”

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