Holiday Horse, Tumblr Days, and a Giraffe

My life is exceptionally dull right now, although it is  the run up to hollybags, so there will be that…

a random horse in a garden in andalucia, my last time in spain

What there has been, though, is tumblr posts. Ten demanded one for his birthday and then straight after that I made one for Mez neither of which are exactly ART HEAVY – more about the lolz. What you may not know is that when I make a tumblr day blog I show it to Ten while humming this tune;

which is from the children’s TV show Vision On. It featured a segment called The Gallery where this music played over a camera slowly panning across various artistic efforts kids had sent in. So now you know how to do elaine4queen tumblr viewing, I hope you take it suitably seriously. Also, the picture of a giraffe I sent in didn’t get shown.



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