Hector’s Home, Prison Break, and PhD Braindeath

I wonder how Hector is getting on? You ask. I wonder if he is GROWING? You ask. Well, it turns out he is both growing and stretching… in a trick perhaps learned from Poppet he clearly has a ‘See this? This is ALL MINE’ streak a mile long down his back.

i’m too sexy for my super kingsized bed

Considering that when we first got him he slept on my neck, yep. I’d say he’s growing up to be quite the long leggedy hunk. I’m chuffed that Ryan chose to keep the name. He still looks very Hectory to me.


My current TV obsession is Prison Break. I don’t know who it was who turned me on to it, one of the Kirsties, perhaps? Anyway, it’s GREAT. It comprises of several series, it has a long story arc, it has eye candy and it has SCIENCEY ‘what have we learned?’ stuff.

“pretty” has to take his top off because, spoiler – his tattoo is a map!

…So that justifies his toplessness and we needn’t think of ourselves as OGLING. (Which we clearly are).

Like Breaking Bad, Prison Break involves problem solving. From BB we learn that some acids will corrode a body and metal but not plastic, and from PB we learn how good at problem solving engineers are. And sexy, clearly they are sexy.


I realize that I have been a bit AWOL. I’ve been a bit ill and a bit busy, and today I had my final important deadline – the resubmission of the PhD proposal. Because I’d been so ill and also dealing with the vile ESA paperwork (application for this year and appeal tribunal for last year both at once) I had failed to notice how quickly my PhD deadline was coming up. In the middle of a massive migraine yesterday I was looking it up and when I saw it was TODAY I thought I’d really messed up and that it would be impossible to do anything productive with it. Today, though, I  have spent all day reading the chapter the supervisor asked me to read, skitiching a reference to it into the proposal, looking at the proposal with fresh eyes and totally reorganizing it, murdering a few darlings, adding a bit of explanation, and finally sent it off.

I am now completely exhausted and await my dinner which is being crafted as we speak by Ten. Which is just as well, because I am ALL OUT of spoons.


OOh wait! Also, I made a tumblr the other day elaine4queen.tumblr.com/day/2013/5/03


6 thoughts on “Hector’s Home, Prison Break, and PhD Braindeath

  1. Warning about Prison Break: the quality goes downhill as the seasons progress, sadly. Yes, I still watched them all, but they got quite idiotic. (But, yes, isn’t Wentworth Miller BEAUTIFUL? Those EYES. Sigh.)

    If you’re re-writing the PhD, that sounds good…it still has a chance of being accepted? Yes? Fingers crossed!

    Hello loooooong Hector!

    1. THAT’s a shame. I do hate it when something starts going down the pan. Had to stop watching Community for the same reason, and as a completist, that HURT.

      The PhD still has an excellent chance of being accepted, particularly now I made the application actually make sense, I think! I mean, the guy wanted me and even told me which chapter in which book he wanted me to read for the rewrite. Next issue to tackle is funding. The fees are paid, but I need to get a grant.

    1. *waves hello”

      I put that day’s offering together to cheer someone up. I have a vast stock of images squirrelled away on tumblr, mainly art stuff, but I am just as into daft cats and dogs as everyone else!

  2. I never watched it but I remember when it was on it just struck it me it was on forever and I just kept thinking “wait. are they not out? what the..?”

    1. It really does drag on, and it must have driven people watching it week by week utterly mental, since they always leave episodes on utter cliff hangers.

      For the sake of the storyline they could have left the whole thing at the end of S2. S3 sees a new prison scenario, and it is FAIRLY interesting, but it has a giant shark to crawl over as well.

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