An Instagram, Dog Silliness, and My New Hoodie

Gentle reader, I have been away in Brighton. And on my trip I had my hair cut. And on my trip I had my hair cut and my photograph taken…

i’ve been instagrammmed! like a modern person (thanks julie!)

And on my trip I had my hair cut, my photograph taken, and lots of visitors – OK I am bored with that game now, as are you. Sorry. Anyway, the upshot is that having had my hair cut for the first time since the crazy Russians did it back in Bethnal Green, I felt I was perhaps presentable enough to get a mug shot taken that I could use across social media platforms. I had thought perhaps my friend Grace might do it, since she has a good eye, but the visit was busy and I didn’t grab the moment. Howevs, before we left I asked Julie to do it, because she also has a good eye… and she is all about the Instagrammings so between that and the sunshiny paintings in her living room I have had to do a total redesign here at elaine4queen, since everything before was all pale and light and now I have all the vividry a person could ask for. So, hence the kind of teal background, and the sunset garden – mine, by the way, so properly mirroring the welcome to The Hermitage’s actual location on the Tottenham Riviera. What do you think? Do you miss the picture of Poppet’s feet?

We were there to take the sea air (by which I mean visit friends) and look after Diva, the little ancient staffie. In a previous visit there had been small beasts in a cage in the garden, but it seems they have met their demise. During the previous visit Poppet had to be banned from the garden because she obsessed with the damn things, and even then she spent half the visit hanging out an upstairs window hankering after them. She still thought they were there so was dancing around barking… which gave Ten an idea.

crate training?

Poor Poppet, she seemed confused. Even after inspecting the inside of the enclosure she was still not entirely convinced that they wouldn’t be back and kept checking. This enclosure, by the way, is something which I like very much. It’s called an Eglu and is a designer chicken home. If you click through you can see how fancy, there is a little video. Until I became aware of the Eglu I had had no interest in chicken keeping, but who wouldn’t want to keep chickens if they had one of these?

Lastly and leastly, I came back to a PACKAGE. In it was a HOODIE. I have never knowingly had a hoodie before, and I am enjoying it immensely. This one is a bit fashion and the zip goes all the way up. So I could go about with my face entirely covered. Maybe cut eye holes.

ready to do all the crimes

10 thoughts on “An Instagram, Dog Silliness, and My New Hoodie

    1. Me too! It really helps when you’re not fantastically photogenic to grab a good photographer when you can.

      The hoodie one made me laugh when I saw it, too. I am definitely ready for some crimes.

  1. I love everything about this. EVERYTHING. I also want a zippy hoodie. It seems like it would be the best thing to use if someone was annoying me. “NO THANKS!” *zip*

    Poor Poppet in a cage! She looks so forlorn.

    Your new Instagram photo is the best. It is bright and fancy and your glasses are wonderful. You make me happy times 50.

    1. I expect to use the zipper. It’s a shame it doesn’t work on the phone…

      There were a few cage photos – I was a bit lazy and just used the one from facebook, but Ten says he didn’t PUT her in, he was showing her that the little things had gone and she squeezed in! So then it was just a question of keeping her in there long enough to take photos. There’s a good one of her looking up to the window at me really forlornly!
      I have been a little disdainful of the Instagram revolution, but now that I have benefited from it’s charms I am all for it.
      The glasses were men’s ones, the ladies ones were either too small or felt cheap – of course these ones are a bit too big, and I have to push them up my face sometimes, which is what comedy heroes Ronnie Corbett and Eric Morcambe did. On reflection, I think glasses wearing for me is all about comedians of yesteryear.

  2. The eglu must be larger then it looks – it sort of doesnt look like it would be comfortable enough for two chickens – much less for their roosting (I am not a chicken expert but I have friend who have chickens and have built their own coops and runs). One has a FB page for her chickens that has quite a following!

    Anyway. Your hoodie is quite the production! wow. I would be constantly zipping my hair up in it because I am special that way!

    1. Wish you hadn’t said that now – I am now expecting a hair based injury. I am such a klutz. I am currently covered in dinks from pruning, puppy bites, walking into a table and random unexplained ones. I also have the weirdest thing from having got a splinter ALL THE WAY UP my nail. Luckily I had a friend on hand who whipped it out with tweezers, because that could have gone very badly indeed.

      1. oh dear, I am sorry. I dont mean to jinx you. Obviously. if you wish to be a hoodie ninja, you must plan ahead and wear your hair tucked back first, then zip!

        1. I will be CAREFUL. It does help that I had a haircut – everything could have gone very horribly wrong for me if I’d got the hoodie before the haircut.

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