Steal, Dogs, and Vic Reeves

5 thoughts on “Steal, Dogs, and Vic Reeves

  1. That is a beautiful photo of Poppet. I have decided that’s probably a human bone and there was a MUR-DERRRRR in your park. You should investigate that. It could be your newest adventure.

    Hector is the beautifulness and if I lived anywhere where it was feasible, I would make him mine. Oh, yes, I would.

    1. You are becoming YOUR DAD.

      Just sayin’!

      He an Pops are having the best time. But I think we will both be a bit relieved when he gets homed – a puppy is a lot of work, and so is having 2 dogs on leads.

      1. That’s ok, I’ll become my dad. As long as I don’t get chest hair and start watching Fox News all the time.

        How could your friends or neighbors not want Hector? Look at that FACE! He is wonderful and always looks mischievious and/or inquisitive. I adore him.

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