Hector’s House


Today might be the day I foster THIS DOGGY!!! And by *I* I mean WE… Poppet is hardly likely to ignore this little chap, Ten is staying today in the hope that he arrives – I asked him what he was doing today and he said “Sniffing puppy” and Stephen next door is pretty keen, too.

he doesn’t seem to have a name yet. i am thinking “hector”

I was going to blog about my new tumble dryer, because I know how interested you’d be in that, but when Ira from All Dogs Matter¬†emailed to say that this little chap (4 months old) needed a foster home last night, it kind of pushed the laundry excitement off the front page. We’ve had some near misses for fosters before, but this one is looking very likely, and despite thinking I am crazy, Ten is pretty excited.


In case you are disappointed not to hear all about the tumble dryer, here’s what I was writing when Ira emailed.

For someone so clever, why aren’t I clever?

D’you know, sometimes I wonder at my incredible ability to be slow on the uptake. Years ago I discovered that no matter how many times I went to steam baths and how much I enjoyed going to them I would always end up with a killer migraine. Also, in the past I’d get quite bad arthritic fingers, and I often wondered if arthritic pain might be part of my headache problem. Since seeing my current neuro, he has drawn me in to his very pragmatic view which is if your neck hurts take a triptan.

meet b

This might not LOOK like the most exciting photo ever, but believe me, it represents a dramatic improvement in my migraine situation. Last time I had the botox treatment it was as if I hadn’t had it at all. I put this down to two probable causes, the fact that I had taken some codeine in the previous weeks, which it turns out can nullify the botox effect, and the general winteriness of the onset of winter. However… what happened was that I had a week or so of leaks from the labyrinth of pipework behind my dishwasher/sink/washing machine arrangement. Hence, you see, I wasn’t using the washing machine for a while… AND, for the first time in a few months I was not sleeping with wet washing in my bedroom.

I did feel like a bit of an idiot when I realized the connection. I hurried onto the interwebs and researched the world of tumble dryers. You see, this is the first time I have lived somewhere where there isn’t a window in the bathroom, so you can’t dry washing over the bath. I haven’t used it an awful lot, but I also haven’t slept with damp washing in my bedroom either, and I have been remarkably well for the time of year, which has stood me in very good stead over a recent dreadfulness with running out of medication – ALL THE DRAMA, and not the nice, puppy driven kind of drama.


It being Terri’s birthday I made a little tumblr yesterday for her. It’s heavily stacked in favour of pictures of animals, and has no fancy art in it, so if this kind of thing is your bag click through. elaine4queen.tumblr.com/day/2013/2/08


8 thoughts on “Hector’s House

  1. I’m definitely going with Hector – and he’s too darned cute for words!

    If you’re fostering him, does that mean you’ll eventually have to give him up? I don’t think I could do it!

    1. Ye-es…

      It’s a worry, of course, but I hope that being online and around my neighbourhood a lot will mean a friend or neighbour will adopt him, so he and Pops can hang out sometimes.

      It will certainly be a test bed to see if I am capable of fostering.

        1. It’s something of an experiment. We will just have to see.

          Even if we are totally heartbroken, having two dogs in tow makes us less able to travel, so whenever the pup leaves maybe we should plan a trip so that we don’t get too sad!

  2. Oh, well, look at Hector! He’s kind of the most perfect little guy, isn’t he? I hope you get him. Poppet will like a new friend. And there will be many puppy snuggles for you.

  3. Puppy! Look at his little face. I hope Poppet is a good influence.

    And the dryer is quite exciting too. My mother suffered from dizzy spells last year, which was a bit of a worry. Then she washed the mould of her bedroom windows, and made a miraculous recovery.

    That dalmation pig in your tumblr is just the cutest thing ever.

    1. Poppet was humped and dumped, so she’s been a mummy, and she loves puppies, especially staffs.
      I have mould as well, which is not entirely solved by the dryer, but should be more or less sorted when we get double glazing this year. So between the two things I am fairly hopeful.
      You are not alone in admiring the pigs – they got some loving on facebook when I posted there.

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