Red Phone Photos

You know what’s weird? Finding photos on your picturemakingdevice that you have no recollection of taking.

do not drink

I mean, I know I took this – that’s me in the crappy mirror. Was I just amused at the missing sink with the “Do Not Drink” sign? Where the hell was I?

These are from my red phone, which I had to abandon when I moved here because this place is like a damn cave and if you want to take calls indoors you need a smartphone which can ride the waves of your WIFI.


I suspect the top one might have been somewhere in Whitechapel Hospital, because this one definitely is. It’s from when I had umpty bloody appointments for my is it cancer?no it isn’t-well, it might be scare. I think they like to bore you into being less frightened. In the event I had a dermoid cyst removed at Barts because these effers cancelled on me twice. Also? Turns out they are never cancerous, they just “like to” take them out.

So, what else is there in this folder… lemme look…

Here’s Poppet in her Easywalk harness. I don’t know if Easywalk is any easier than any other harness, but they all do seem to help a bit. She’s a puller. I take her out on a collar, but Ten never does.

i can haz my ball

In reality, she has two balls there. You can’t play with just one with a staffie, it’s a hiding to nothing.

Here’s one of me.

My hair is almost as long as that again now. I had it cut the summer before last because I was taking Topiramate, which was making my hair fall out and my neuro wanted me to ramp up the doses.

This is one I took in Cornwall when I went on holiday by myself. You may consider this an odd thing to do, but it was nice. It was November, not swimming weather, though there were surfers, but very very cheap, and I went over the full moon and went moonlit walks on my own. It was from before I got Poppet.


2 thoughts on “Red Phone Photos

  1. Now I’m afraid my Topomax is going to make my hair fall out. *checks hair*

    I love these photos. Every last one of them. I love them even more because they are MYSTERY photos.

    1. Yes! they are most random. I had the red phone out the other day because I had to rush out, and the bally ‘smart’ phone was out of juice, and I have to phone the lady when I get there. when I got home I put the photos from it onto my laptop.

      I think if your hair hasn’t fallen out already it’s not going to. Mine was horrible, it was like I was molting.

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