He can run but he can’t hide – Katrine and Hanne are ON IT!

I am, as Lucy’s Football might say THE MOST EXCITED.

The pair of us have been watching/drooling over the Rayland/Boyd bromance in Justified. Ha! I was just looking for a trailer to share with you, but found this under ‘Rayland Boyd bromance’ and had to share. The quality is appalling, really, but it’s funny for anyone who’s seen it. And for anyone who hasn’t? It rather misrepresents the programme as a whole.


Anyway, the point is, that while there are many male friendships in the wide world of moving images, and even a fair few bromances, female friendship is kind of meh as far as I can see.

Imagine my pleasure when I was watching Borgen today, then, when the Katrine/Hanne friendship turns into SHENANIGANS!

the two journalists have hit a wall when a duplicitous businessman goes to ground… hanne cooks up a scheme that could flush him out…
this makes katrine pretty damn happy. she is on it like a boss!

I don’t even KNOW what happens next, I was so happy I had to screen grab and share!


4 thoughts on “He can run but he can’t hide – Katrine and Hanne are ON IT!

  1. That was kind of terrible. Yet I laughed. A lot. And loved it. I was just saying to Dad yesterday that this season has been suffering from a lack of Raylan/Boyd interaction. They’re really sharp when they’re on-screen together, but the plotlines have kept them apart this season, and it’s sad. (Also, that verson of “Call Me Maybe” doesn’t make me want to stab people as much as the poppy optimistic real version does, so good for that!)

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