The Banality of Evil is alive and well and is represented by ATOS and the UK Govt.

Okay, call me on it if you like, but we are way beyond Godwin’s Law right here and now. We are in the realm of Hanna Arendt’s ‘Banality of Evil’.

Susan Neiman breaks it down a little here

So, the problem is less that we need to recognize political, and for that matter big business leaders as the sociopaths they very well may be, but that there is a myriad of people who are entirely happy to carry out their cruelty. We now live in an era which splits the wrongdoing into bite sized chunks for different individuals to carry out, so that when you point out that you are not able to do whatever they are demanding of you it is not in their remit to, for instance, assess your disability, just to ensure you find a job.

The way it breaks down for me is the initial assessment form from ATOS the firm who are ‘not’ the govt, just carrying out orders, and from which they deduced that I was capable of being put in the ‘working’ group. These forms are dealt with very quickly, and it would appear that multiple disabilities do not count – my ‘points’ were based on my psychiatric status not fibromyalgia, and not chronic migraine (classed as chronic if you have more than 16 a month, at which point the World Health Organization consider a person to be more disabled than a paraplegic) and without contacting my GP or Consultant Neurologist or Psychiatrist. Nothing against nurses, but if you do get assessed (which I wasn’t) it is carried out by a nurse in a short interview, without reference to any of the hours you have spent with your more qualified GP and your very much more qualified in their specialist area Consultant/s.

THEN to add insult to injury, the govt has commissioned companies to carry out work previously done by specialist career counsellors with appropriate specialist qualifications. Attending a “voluntary” (compulsory) meeting with my unqualified ‘counsellor’, in conversation he told me he was ‘going’ to become qualified, but that he ‘didn’t read’. This may sound snobbish, but how does someone who ‘doesn’t read’ advise someone with two degrees and sundry other qualifications about the best career path for them?

For the past few months I have been left in a state of grace to get on with dealing with my myriad aliments, this being something that I am not even on top of, so how I am supposed to work as well as manage shopping and eating regularly (difficult) my medications (horrendously difficult) and personal care and environment (always a case of catastrophe management) I am not entirely sure. When I was called in for an ESA (Employment Support Allowance, the benefit I am on) group induction (with less than a day’s notice, the advisor phoning from a screened number and when the call was dropped he didn’t even phone me back to tell me which office it was going to be held at) I honestly doubt I would have made it without Ten shepherding me there. I was in full migraine incommunicado. Ten switched the mic on on my phone before I went in, because I wanted to be able to listen to it afterwards, but the sound quality was too poor.

We were herded into a room and told that from April we would be treated as Job Seekers. (Job Seekers have to show that they are applying for jobs and have to account for themselves on a regular basis.) If you do not attend for any reason you will be sanctioned. I get about £90 a week, and I have heard of benefit being cut to £21 a week for protracted periods for non attendance – even if this was because of a hospital appointment. I said that I was awaiting a tribunal to go onto the other version of the EAS which is for people deemed too ill to work. I was told in no uncertain terms that this was not their problem. They are not there to consider your disability, just to find you work. In the same breath they apprised us of their ‘Member Charter’ in which they state that they will treat you with ‘respect’. A respect which does not take into account your disability. What kind of respect might that be?

They were very keen to have us consider self employment. If we sign off and become self employed before April we will get benefits not far off what we get now, for a year. Their great idea for us is to become hairdressers or cleaners from home, or sell Body Shop products from home. This, with no respect for how many people visit us (in my case Ten, Lottie, and my neighbour Stephen and Ian and Al most months, other people less often) or OUR DISABILITY which might prevent us from cleaning, for instance. I used to work as a cleaner, you have to be bloody fit to do a good job, and I only just keep the worst of the physically endangering mess and dirt at bay at home. If you get DLA (another benefit – one I have never managed to get) or are a single parent you can consider yourself self employed if you do 16 hours a week. If not, like me, you should do 30 hours a week. That’d be 5 hours a day six days a week which would be the equivalent of me being accepted onto a space programme or running a marathon. I doubt I could do 5 hours a week. I’ve done considerably less than 5 hours a week setting up the Training With Awareness website, and it’s still quite crap. And I couldn’t have done more.

Evidently the govt wants people off EAS ‘working’ group and into work. Probably they don’t fancy putting us into workfare, since being stretchered out of their partners in crime’s premises wouldn’t look good for them. So we are being funneled into this self employment thing – which, lets face it, is going to fail for most people. Usually when people go self employed they do way more than 40 hours a week (the nominal weekly full time hours in the UK) and a LOT of them fail. This, with money to put in, full energy and ability to focus on something they are probably passionate about. So what’s going to be the reality for ‘us’? We are expected to earn £71 a week – if I could earn £71 a week I’d sign off ffs!

In the “Charter” they claim they provide “a welcoming, comfortable and positive environment” – The strip lights in the windowless room meant that I was glad I was wearing shades, there was no concession to physical disability whatever, and I consider the way they treated me as being about a -3 on “welcoming”. They were irritable, bossy, and disrespectful. Ha! Point two is “We will listen to you and treat you with respect.” Really? They go on to describe themselves as “helpful, polite, and professional at all times”. I was disinclined to communicate with them and spent most of the time in silence. When they asked if any of us had hobbies we could turn into self employed professions, the woman next to me said shyly that she liked to write. She was put firmly in her no mark place!

D’you know what? I’m not going to go through the rest. I expect you can see from this tiny taster the sort of bullshit we are dealing with here.

So what am I going to do? Pretend to be self employed for a year and hope to god something rescues me this time next year? Tough it out and maintain my more or less silent protest? Hoping that I don’t get so financially penalized that I lose my home?

Re the tribunal – the likelihood of the tribunal happening before April is quite slim. One is considered ‘work capable’ until or unless a tribunal overturns such a judgement, but even getting a tribunal has taken over a year. From what I am hearing going from having your appeal processed to actually having a tribunal can take several months.

I guess I’d better have my St Ann’s bag packed. With a copy of Janet Frame’s An Angel at My Table in my bag for added irony? Feeling that a mental hospital is a sanctuary from ordinary unhappiness exacerbated by a slew of people ‘just doing their job’ seems to me quite a good example of ‘the banality of evil’.

Have at it, Godwin, with your Law!


14 thoughts on “The Banality of Evil is alive and well and is represented by ATOS and the UK Govt.

  1. I have lost patience with both your government and mine for how they treat people who are genuinely in need. This is preposterous!

    1. I know. It’s seriously madness.

      Both my parents have spare rooms, and I don’t live with Ten, so although I could lose my home I am not afraid I will be on the streets. Also, I am smart and articulate, and have smart articulate friends. I don’t want to lose my home, and I do fear the future, but my heart really bleeds for those without a safety net, and particularly for those with mental health conditions who are sweating this hard. I was anxious and unhappy enough, but what about the others? Did any of them have someone waiting outside to take them home and put them to bed and feed them? (Ten is not my paid carer, by the way, he’s just my hero)

      1. The extremely vulnerable, those who are one cheque away from the street, are the ones I worry about, too. I don’t see why the government has to be so callous.

            1. I find it extremely hard to believe the constant stream of seriously shocking things that are happening in this country right now.

              Just when I thought we were starting to become somewhat civilized.

              1. Here in the states, too. I don’t know what’s going on with our nations, but it isn’t good. Too many greedy, self-serving people with no sense of social responsibility running things.

                1. I just hope it reaches the end of the swing soon and starts heading the other way, because even if my own circumstances improved it is horrible being around so much needless cruelty and suffering.

  2. Sadly, the UK is taking a page from us here. I have no idea what to tell you other then the lack of sheer — humanity among policies and politics is staggering.

    1. I know. And the PM wants to distance us further from Europe.

      There is going to be a referendum in Scotland next year about full independence. Normally you couldn’t tempt me over the border, but if it goes through it can only get even worse here…

  3. First of all, ten is my hero, as well. What a dude.

    I like to think of myself as one who visits, albeit infrequently. Lots of thoughts about what you could *do*, but that’s not really the point here, is it?

    This might sound mad Elaine, but what if what you *did* was to turn your indignation into actually helping those others without a safety net? What if your way out of this was to actually speak truth to power specifically about how this is being handled?

    No idea how practical such a thought might be, but you’re the one who said you sometimes believed 6 impossible things before breakfast.

    1. You are one who visits! Do you want to buy some Body Shop products?

      I do what I can, but I only have so much energy… There is a significant difference between winter and summer, though, so although this is not the time for starting new things, we will see what I can do as the weather changes.

  4. I’m really very furious about this for you. And can’t think of a single thing that can be done, honestly. Which makes me more furious. I hate a feeling of helplessness more than almost anything.

    I also feel terrible for the writer. I like that she spoke up. I DON’T like that she was shot down like that. There are plenty of things she could do with that.

    Please please please email me if you need to talk or just blast off somewhere and know someone’s listening, ok? Good. Thinking of you.

    1. Yes. I mean, we were all pitiful, but ASKING us what hobbies we had which might help us become self employed and then when one person shyly admitted something that clearly mattered to her, then shooting her down was mean AND unprofessional.
      As a teacher I have talked to lots of people about their skills. Okay, I write most days and don’t make a bean, but there are jobs which use that skill. Tons of them. She could have been the new JK Rowlings for all the so called advisor knew.

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