Time Passes, Shit Happens, and Poppet is Opportunistic

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how borked you are, you go ahead and do stuff anyway. Largely speaking, if you spend all day in bed you’ll get more pain anyway. Plus bone loss! As an added treat.

(For anyone not following my gripping life on fb, I fell quite badly on Sunday and now have the classic ‘pain in all 4 quadrants’ AND some. The weirdest thing is the whiplashy thing going on with the muscles at the front of my neck. If I am lying down and want to move my head, I have to do it with my HANDS!)

Also, I suddenly realized TIME IS PASSING and if I want to have a chance at this PhD application I better get my academic boots on, FAST. But I soon found that migraine isn’t a great space to be trying to understand shit from, so I gave up. I hoovered the bedroom and changed the bedding, and Poppet approved.


I’ve been listening to this so many times over the past few days that I probably account for at least half of the 2,054,639 listens.


It turns out that my loopy listening may have stood me in good stead, since I learned today that I am being hauled in to the workfare farce tomorrow morning. I don’t know how scared I should be… but at least I have BUDDHA SKILLZ in my pocket. As it happens, I had just joined a G+ group “Wildmind” who are doing a 100 days of meditation thing – bit late to the party, but so was someone else, so we decided to buddy each other. What’s been interesting so far is less that it has given me a discipline to meditate every day, because it turns out I pretty much do that anyway, but it’s more like when I blogged for Migraine Awareness Month – writing about your practice, even briefly every day for 100 days is going to make it extra conscious. Plus, the support is nice, particularly because I don’t go to an IRL sangha any more.

Although she is speaking about DLA rather than ESA, this clip gives a fair snap shot without being too miserablist.

So, without further ado, I give you Francesca Martinez


4 thoughts on “Time Passes, Shit Happens, and Poppet is Opportunistic

  1. Aw, Elaine. Sending you good thoughts for tomorrow. And shaking my fist at those jerks for you.

    Poppet’s got the right idea. I’m about to bury myself under the covers as well. Here I go.

    Hope you’re less pain-y today. I worry.

    1. I am, happily. Though I didn’t sleep much, and then was completely zombied by the morning. I’d never have made it there if Ten hadn’t walked me there – and he hung around outside in the freezing cold til I was finished, which was also good, since I have no idea how I’d have made it home. This does not bode well for the expected “30 hours a week” work I am supposed to be looking for!

      1. Ugh. I’m so sorry. Glad you’re not in as much pain, but mental anguish is just as bad, and screw anyone who thinks otherwise.

        I wish I was a kajillionaire. I would send you enough money that you could say, “I am a very famous and unruly-haired blogger’s personal secretary! For at least 30 hours a week! HERE ARE MY PAY STUBS YOU JERKS!” and really I wouldn’t make you do anything but whatever you were going to do in the first place. I’d still send the money, though. That’s what a good kajillonaire would do with their kajillions.

        1. That’d be so much fun.

          Also, I’d like a soft hearted lawyer or kajillionaire to use me as a ‘Wilmslow Boy’ and take these fuckers to the European Court of Human Rights.

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