Goodbye to All That, New Year Navel Gazing, and PhD or Poundland

Okay, Christmas is over, people, lets get on.

Diane Arbus, Xmas Tree in a Living Room, Levittown, L.I., 1963

It’s December 29th! Lets do a little Navel Gazing!

Year on year I don’t really seem to make many advances migraine wise. Yet I wouldn’t go back. So… something is good. Or better. Maybe increased insight is worth having even if the net result on migraines is actually nil. I do feel like I am getting somewhere. And little things matter to me. And if you can take pleasure in small things then life is a LOT sweeter. Frinstance, yesterday I blogged about Die Antwoord which is something I have been meaning to do for weeks, and changed up my tumblr theme – again something long overdue. AND I changed all my links on this blog, twitter, and tumblr to #2c749e which is a lovely blue – replacing a hot orange (so last year, my dear). I haven’t done a tumblr post for a long while – I should rectify that – but I am pleased to say that at some point wordpress decided to Xpost to tumblr, and my wp posts have been reblogged several times, which means possibly new readers – fingers crossed!

I also hoovered and mopped, which left me with a bad back, a difficult night and a migraine in the  morning, but with Ten gone the sitting room is READY for me to do stuff. The stuff I have to or want to do includes boring paperwork (urgent), painting (haven’t done any in a little while, need to get into a rhythm with that) and AND and a PhD application.

That’s right, you read it here first. Or second, I’m pretty sure I have mentioned it somewhere already. Anyway, I was in conversation with someone on twitter, and he was promoting a funded PhD. I said it wasn’t quite my thing, but I’d share and he ended up encouraging me to apply. The deadline is end of January, so I will have to look sharp. Thing is, that I had really given up the idea of doing such a thing some time ago but in practical terms it could be the very get out of jail free card that I need. At any rate, I will write a proposal and see if it flies.

So, the way they put it was about ‘Creating the Sustainable Digital City’ which, from the blurb looked like it would be rather about politics and hardware.

It’s being hosted by the department of “The Built Environment” at Heriot Watt university. Not somewhere I would naturally think of applying. I like that I have a month to get it together, though. Plenty time, but a short enough deadline to get me moving on it. If what I come up with loses steam quickly I will know it’s not for me – and same goes if they reject it. If, however, I got in, not only would I not have to live in Edinburgh, but I wouldn’t need to stay put at all, and I could go all global and travelly. Always assuming I got through the next firey hoop – applying for AHRC funding for a grant. It wouldn’t be do-able otherwise, and the great thing about being on a grant for three years is I could get out of this hell hole of being on benefits during a Tory hate campaign against the disabled.

Whether I would be up to the job is a whole other question. PhDs seem to make people ill and mental, but given that I am starting from that point things could either be just fine or go horribly wrong quite quickly. A better option than waiting to be sent to work at Poundland, anyway.


10 thoughts on “Goodbye to All That, New Year Navel Gazing, and PhD or Poundland

    1. I know!

      I always imagined I would get a doctorate and someone would collapse in a theatre and out would go the cry “is there a doctor in the house?” and I could answer it.

      Obviously I’d only be getting in the way at that point…

  1. Queen Doctor Elaine! That would be amazing.

    My mother wanted to take down the Christmas decorations after dinner on Christmas Day. I managed to keep them up until Boxing Day morning. Once it’s over, it’s over.

    1. It really is, isn’t it?

      And this odd little interregnum between xmas and new year seems to drive everyone a bit batty. I want to GET ON with the new bit, but bank holidays are littered about like used socks. I desperately want to go to the doctor’s but I have no idea when they will be open.

  2. I’m both envious and excited for you…. being a somewhat arty person I always assumed that I’d never get funding to do a PhD, but I would love to do one too…tell me all about it after you get accepted and maybe I can get myself ready for it next year.

    One more pernickety point… was the Naval Gazing meant to be misspelt? ie are you being introspective/reflective a la Navel Gazing

    cos Naval Gazing makes me think of staring at a lot of naked sailors which is fine by me apart from the fact that Iam very anti armed forces. Could we gaze maybe at some Greenpeace activists on a big boat instead…naked?

    Or You could have a column entitled Naval Gayz…..with a lot of Navy gay peeps…make a good calendar. Must send one to Ros she always bangs on about hating Navel Gazers. Bet I could change her mind with that one lol

    1. OH GODS! It was a typo! I mean human error – it just didn’t occur to me to spell it navel. DAMMIT that’s the trouble with not having a human editor. Blast and buggery! It’s a shame it wasn’t deliberate, but there we are!

      I did apply for a PhD in fine art ages ago, and didn’t get in. And then I attempted to do one with this awful woman at Greenwich, but she insisted I do HER MA beforehand. I had just started this adventure of illness, and thought that doing a PhD might get me where I wanted to be, teaching wise by the time I got well again. Unfortunately, she wanted me to do her MA first, and it was evenings and within a term I was much much worse. So I gave that idea up and never thought about it again til now. If they like how I am interpreting their brief I’d enjoy writing it. since it would come from all my favourite bits of the MA I did do. A plus, for me, is that you can live anywhere to do it. He sent me this link –
      I didn’t even know there was any such thing as a PhD finder! The world has certainly got a lot more modern since the last time I looked!

  3. You got me with the Naval Gazing as I thought there was going to be hotties in uniform 🙂

    You’ve given me the proverbial (why did it take me several attempts to spell his word correctly) e-kick to get back on the search for a Geology program that wouldn’t send me to the poor house.

    1. The SHAME of it all! What’s annoying is it’s taken all this time – I suppose it was putting it in a title that finally flushed out a correction. Still, even if you had a moment of fun with the idea of NAVAL gazing, I suppose it was worth it!

      I didn’t even go looking for this, it just turned up in my twitter feed, but I think that education does provide a fresh page from which to start – as well as an inbetweeny time for self reinvention. Also, just as an aside, you do know that most people meet their future partners through education or work, so there’s an extra plus right there!

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