ALL THE FLOODS, a Petition for Botox for Migraine, and a Couple of Silly Photos

I don’t know what is wrong with me, really I don’t.

Our local councillor sent out an email saying there MIGHT be some flooding…. It so happens that I was advised when I took this place that insurance companies wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole (haha! BOOM! BOOM!) so if I wanted contents insurance I’d have to get the council’s own offering. I wasn’t bothered.  Nevertheless, I subscribed to the environment agency’s twitter feed and watched the river swell, and the birds hang on to the quickening flow with quiet determination. What kind of nutcase gets jealous when she thusly reads that in Oxfordshire they are giving away sandbags because of the flooding there?

I find my reaction quite odd. I mean, it’s not like the garden is flooded and the next step will be the ruination of my flooring and imminent danger to electricals. The river is still 4 foot down the canal bank that’s on this side, and water would have to fill the towpath and climb up the garden before any of that would happen, so it’s not that I feel underprepared. I just don’t think this place will ever really flood, is all. BUT I WANT MY DAMN SANDBAGS!

Sometimes I have to admit that there is something idiotic about desire.


Now onto the serious stuff. Pretty please sign the petition for chronic migraine sufferers to get botox quickety quick

” It is approved by NICE for the treatment of them. However, very few people are trained to do it on the NHS and you first have to get a referral from your PCT which can take 18 weeks, you add that to NHS delays and you’re looking at a very long time before you get treatment.

The treatment should not have to be commissioned in this way. The National Migraine Centre in London is happy to provide the treatment to patients fitting the strict critera but you still have to wait around 18 weeks if not longer to get the PCT to commission this charity to do it. This is ridiculous for those who have tried everything else and need the treatment for this debilitating disorder. It should not be so difficult to get this illness treated when a specialist says that you need it.”

am on the list, and I do meet the criteria, but as it stands there is no way I will get my next go-round by the time this one wears off. We are sickeningly close to getting our needs met, and yet it’s always a hair’s breadth away…


I do try to only repost credited pictures. Sometimes looking for someone to credit has unintended consequences. Like, I wanted to share this picture with you to prove I am not entirely curmudgeonly about the festive season

so I clicked through a couple of tumblrs til i found where it might possibly live, still no credit but LOOK! I found this photo

which made me LAUGH LIKE A DRAIN.

So, whatever, copyright blah blah, but LOOK! A pelican nipping a cat’s head!


5 thoughts on “ALL THE FLOODS, a Petition for Botox for Migraine, and a Couple of Silly Photos

  1. signed, even though its a Labour party website (voting with my head, not my heart this time). Is the labour party the new socialist worker?

    Not curmudgeonly? Two cute things having their faces eaten off by two less cute things . . . Its rodent eating Carrot flavoured lollipop out there . . .

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