elaine4queen is unwell

The journalist, Jeffrey Bernard was a notorious drunk. He was the subject of a West End play called Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell because this is what was printed without any preamble in the stead of his column for The Spectator when the writer was too drunk or hungover to hand in copy.

Sadly, for me, my ‘hangover’ is from my big day of two medical appointments and attendant traveling.

tilda swinton in cornelia parker’s ‘the maybe’

Last night I was kind of wired, and even though I listened to an hour of guided meditation I found I couldn’t sleep. Today I couldn’t get up, and Ten has had to do EVERYTHING.

I am now going to watch some TV, and if that doesn’t work I will find some radio.

Today is canceled.


12 thoughts on “elaine4queen is unwell

  1. I’m having Bits of Today, so if Bits of Today could be uncancelled I’d be most grateful.
    Meantime, have a hug and an extra one for Ten.

    1. thank you!

      yes, yesterday really was all the hindenbugs, except that i didn’t have to do anything, so no breakages, spillages, falls, or other hindenburgs, just the basic status hindenburg, thanks to ten.

      today i woke up at a normal time and have put a washing on, so feel like i have had a 100% productive day already!

    1. thank you!

      today i woke up at a normal time, had the energy to make a cup of tea and load the washing machine – so i’d say i have recovered well with a 24h total pampering.

  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling down and out and hope the new meds help. I had a good giggle at your wanting to correct words. My writing must drive you mad, it ‘s not my thing and my English teacher disliked my writing excessively, she constantly complained that my spelling, punctuation and grammer left much to be desired. Every so often I go back and read something I have written and cringe. I am dyslexic and the older I get the worse it seems to become, so I am glad that you persisted through my short comings and read my blog. I turn 50 next year, my best friend died of cancer two years ago my mom was diagnosed with dimentia this year and my knees and back are not happy chappies everytime I garden(my passion). The mind is willing but the body is not what it used to be, pain is my companion. Somehow the smell of oils made up from cedar, rose geranium, bergamot and rosemary dropped into a steamy bath ease the pain for a while as I try to avoid the meds and the complications they create. Those times of pain free are bliss and I wish them for you

    1. thank you! so kind.

      the preventative naproxen was prescribed specifically, so i never thought i’d be trying to come off them. nevertheless, i’m actually pretty pleased to give it a go. pain management is such a conundrum.

      your writing is fine! never worry that i am judging! i was just in a crazy anxious state in the hospital.

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