Worm Update, Bra Measurements, and A Cat

You’ll be worried, by now, about the wellbeing of the tiger worms in their Worm Hilton. Rest assured, I checked up on this morning, and although I don’t know if any of them have moved boxes there do seem to be live worms in all the boxes. I was concerned about using see through boxes, but it doesn’t seem to bother the worms unduly. I wish i could dye them or tag them somehow to see who moves where or not, but these are worms. Not so easy to tag as, birds or mammals. Just as well I am not a scientist and just as well I don’t have OCD, or I might find the raging anarchy of the worm bin situation too much to cope with. As it is, I will be happy to simply see what happens over the next few months.

Since the worms seem to be surviving their non opaque environment I may continue the build.


Nextly, in this slow news day, a sunday of mainly bed based internet activities, I can report that although Ten measured me for a bra size the tape was in centimeters and so he has to convert to inches – and then after that he has to work out cup size and all that baloney. Even then, I had to break it to him, different brands will fit differently. A bra fitting lady once told me that say you were a 36D but the shop didn’t have the bra you liked in that size or the size was wrong for you you could MAGICALLY try on a 38C and it might work. Strange business, bras.

If you have been following my tribulations with bra purchasing, you might remember me complaining that M&S were no longer the bra fitters to beat. For some reason most of their bras are now sporting a formed padding which makes your frontage attempt the ‘sweater girl’ profile. When I complained that the bra was uncomfortable, and that one of the cups could easily accommodate a couple of sleeping mice as well as my apparently much smaller than the other one right breast. When I pointed this out she was very rude and more or less insinuated that this perfectly normal state of affairs was in some way my fault. I  felt shamed into buying the awful bra, and then, when I tried it on again at home in perfect misery I realized I would have to take the damn thing back again.

I only want to be COMFORTABLE. Is that really too much to ask?


Well, I have spent all day writing this, so I’d better post it before it becomes tomorrow.

Here’s a picture of a cat watching television in bed. What’s not to like?


8 thoughts on “Worm Update, Bra Measurements, and A Cat

  1. You have made me laugh my dear fab-at-50 friend. Yes, the trials & tribulations of bra shopping, don’t we all just love it? I would sure hate to think of mice wriggling around in bra cups – lol!

    1. ah! thank you!

      at least now i feel confident that i am indeed a woman. when i was a teenager i felt like i was an interloper going into the ladies underwear department.

  2. Nothing I hate more than bra shopping! I was fitted last year and bought 3 in nude and 3 in black, all the same brand and style. The lady told me that a 36D and a 38C (not my sizes by any means) are the same thing. Go figure.

    Found you via NaBloPoMo, btw 🙂

    1. Lovely to meet you, Bee! I have been over and had a looky look at your blog, but I’ve not left comments yet. Suffice to say, your description of life on medication struck a chord with me.

      I think it makes a lot of difference when you get someone competent and helpful in a bra fitting – I think maybe my last one was a good one, so I went into this one being a bit too trusting and hopeful. I think she just wasn’t great at her job, she was more interested in selling a bra than being good at her job.

      1. Thanks for stopping by — and I did make note of your advice about the baby gate. But with 4 cats, 2 of whom are elderly, 1 of whom is extremely set in her ways, we’ve decided to wait.

        The woman who fitted me was very good, too, so I probably would be really trusting, as well. I wish I had gotten the fitter’s name just in case.

  3. I am glad I am not the only one who finds padded bras terrible. Although I will never look at the them the same way again…..I wear these incredibly cheap bras from Target that have no padding and no wire. Not that I am particularly small – 36C, usually – but I am not very bouncy. I have, however, fallen in love in with this bra as a sports bra (it has a bit of padding, but no wire AND clasps in the back) http://www.barenecessities.com/lily-of-france-medium-control-la-technologie-convertible-wire-free-sports-bra-2151350_product.htm?pf_id=LilyofFrance2151350&search=&manual_cm_sp=SlotLocation-_-R2C1-_-LilyofFrance2151350 – I don’t know if you can get in there. You might want to look into bralettes, too.

    1. Dammit! that looks like EXACTLY what I want! I can import, but then there is the whole thing about trying on and sending back – the import price is 10 bucks P&P.

      WHAT is a bralette???

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