Ten, Dogs, and Cats

Ten is back on the Riviera. He has been secretly HAND WASHING everything that was in the dishwasher ready to wash ELECTRICALLY. Also, he wants to measure me for a bra. You remember yesterday I said I wanted the fancy sports bra, well he has decided that measuring must take place. Weird perverted creature that he is. Ten hates to be blogged about, so this is my revenge!


Plus, yesterday I offered to take one of All Dogs Matter‘s dogs that need fostering. Of course I see the little boo boos’ faces and want THEM ALL FOREVER but that is not realistic. Poppet must be number one girl, but we could have a guest couldn’t we? So I’ve said we could have a male. There is less likely to be trouble with a male – if he is young Poppet will treat him as a puppy, and if he is older she will treat him like a boyfriend. Experiments with socializing with females have been… awkward. But Pops is pretty much always successful at socializing with males. I did want to get her a kitten, but after the, shall we say “cat slaughter” or “aggravated misadventure” or “accidental death with knobs on” I thought better of it. She’s always liked a chase, but this one cat ran toward the river instead of away from it. Pops had it in her maw and when the cat gashed her face she let go, the cat stumbled back, fell into the river and drowned. Not a high point in our career as new residents of the towpath.

Of course if I was super rich and living in a massive place with grounds I could have as many dogs as I liked. I like the idea of having grounds. I like the plurality of it. I’d like to have a herd of staffies and have them race! HA! There might be nothing funnier in the world than a staffie race, they all run squintily, they all have different weird gaits, and if they run together they bump into each other constantly. It’s hilarious! Ten says we’d need a greyhound to train them, but I’d be worried for the greyhound’s mental health.


In case you were thinking “Well, that’s quite enough about dogs, what about cats?” I was clicking through this picture in the vain hope of finding out who made it when it led me to Tea and Kittens which has enough cat pictures for anyone, I think you’ll find.


2 thoughts on “Ten, Dogs, and Cats

  1. I would love to have grounds! If we had grounds we could actually have a dog and keep him/her separate from the cats. Hopefully.

    1. the way to get dogs and cats living together is to use a baby gate to let the cat come and go for the first while.

      unfortunately, i don’t think any amount of controlled exposure would make any difference to poppet’s prey instinct…

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