A Painting, A Meal, and A Petition

“Nothing was, nothing will be; everything is, everything has existence and is present.”
— Hermann Hesse (1877–1962, German-Swiss), Siddhartha

Today I broke my routine and just cleared the table and painted. Since I have started this project I have tended to want everything to be ‘just so’ before painting – which mainly means I don’t get on with it. Today, though, was different. I just wanted to paint and I wanted to do it immediately.

I read a biography of the composer Gustav Holst years ago. It was written by his daughter, and one or two things really stayed with me. First of all, rather than get up every day and go work with a gun to his head, Holst had a policy of not writing music until it really irritated him not to.

He also said, when addressing singers “Those of you who can sing, sing, and those of you who can’t, make a glorious noise to god”.

Here, then, is my glorious noise.


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Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Tell us about the best meal you ever cooked.

I am not a terribly enthusiastic cook. This is partly due to an ambivalence about food, partly due to my own energy levels and partly to do with whoever is around me. I have been an enthusiastic cook when I have been around people who encourage me. The meal I made most often this summer was fried halloumi with sesame seeds, fried pineapple, salad leaves and tomatoes. I tend to be faddy, so if I am cooking for you, the most likely ‘best meal’ is the one I am doing most often at that moment. After a while I forget what made the meal work, and always fail to write down what I have discovered along the way.


Meanwhile on the internet, there are moves to make the internet government controlled. The wild west days are over, I guess, but I am fairly sure that a cabal of governments working in secret to control the web is a terribly good idea either. Individual governments haven’t shown themselves to be particularly generous, why would a group who is not answerable to it’s people be any better?

Take action here


9 thoughts on “A Painting, A Meal, and A Petition

  1. Strange that you should mention Holst – I just bought the collector’s edition of his complete works last week! Also he, like myself, was from Cheltenham – which immediately makes him cool in my book!

    Singing, writing or painting for the sake of it rather than when inspired… that only sucks the life and soul out of whatever it was you were aiming to achieve.

    1. Yes, I mean I get the idea of having a daily practice, and maybe it’s more important for writers, idk, but, for me, I like to have access to painting or whatever, but I don’t really work well under the kosh. This is probably why my relationship with the daily waffle fizzled out – they didn’t nag me but I felt like i should be writing in a way which I never do when I blog.

      If you can get ahold of the biography I seem to remember it was rather good – but it was a second hand book when I bought it back in nineteen canteen, so I’m not sure.. maybe a library?

      1. I could possibly download it free to my Kindle? I’ll take a look.

        I, too, have to have my routines, but I don’t do well under pressure (caring was different; to me that wasn’t pressure). Nowadays I sew when I feel the urge and not because I have to. I blog if I have something to blog about (I’ve got Lj for the boring waffly pointless stuff, after all). Everything I do is because I want to do it – and maybe I don’t get paid for it, but I enjoy it because I’m living as opposed to dancing to the tune of somebody else’s fiddle.

        1. I think we are rather on the same page about these things.

          This is the second time I have joined a blog every day thingy, but I don’t feel under duress about it – after all, I took nearly a week off to enjoy a dreadful migraine festival, but then, I don’t feel like I am ‘failing’ anyone if I don’t blog.

          1. Occasionally coming up with something intelligent and in-depth makes for far more interesting reading than shallow warbling about pointless crud.

            Sorry to hear the migraines are back; I had one yesterday and it was nasty 😦

            1. They are largely continuous. I had a couple of breaks in the spring and summer, and tried to replicate what *I* was doing… but to no avail – there are too many variables that are not in my control.

              I did, however, discover that I could juggle things a bit better with the judicious use of codeine. It’s all about management.

              See, the thing is that I aspire to be funny – hence I don’t over egg the serious side of my life if I can help it, but I do write whatever comes, and don’t censor if it’s not a laugh a minute.

              1. Oh don’t get me wrong – I love both your humour and your blog – and that’s because you don’t take yourself seriously. I don’t take myself seriously a lot of the time, but if there is an important issue to write about then I will word it very carefully and edit it and check for grammatical errors before I publish, because I need the *article* to be taken seriously.

                I mean those blogs that are all “I don’t have anything to blog about today, so I’ll pull something random out of my backside that nobody is going to be able to follow coherently or make any sense of”.

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