No Prompts on the Weekend, Listening to the Detectives, and Dogs and Gardens

Halp! Halp! NaNowhoozit aren’t giving prompts for weekends, WordPress’s prompt for today is heinous (write a letter to yourself blah blah blah – NO!) and today is a very very quiet day at mi casa. Indeed, me and Pops didn’t meet any of our friends on the two walks so far, which is in itself WEIRDY.

Usually we meet at least one other dog+person who we talk to/ play with but today, nothing. Also, I have done very little of interest. I have been ‘doing tasks’ interspersed with watching programmes I have squirreled away and listening to radio plays. Also, the whole Mark Lawson Foreign Bodies is perfect Elaine Listening, being as it is all about detective fiction. It’s been on all week, and I just listened to the omnibus because even though I listened to every episode I am a detective fiction FAN.

Also good, is that there is a  Martin Beck series on. It’s on every saturday and I am awaiting it’s appearance on iPlayer with a sort of sick feeling, I am so excited. There aren’t, as far as I know, Martin Beck audio books, so having been averse to reading with my eyes over the past few years, I wasn’t able to gobble them up. I bought them for my mum, and she decreed them GOOD. Which made me ill with jealousy. Or envy? Which one is it? I never know.

Poppet and I are still on BST, pretty much. Which means we are getting up an hour ‘early’ (that is to say, the same time we were getting up GMT) but the nights are, nevertheless, drawing in in the way that nature will do at this time of year. Eventually the mornings will be dark, too. Poppet believes I can control EVERYTHING and sometimes suggests we play ball in the pitch black. Reader, I can’t control the general overall lighting situation. I am not MASTER OF THE SUN.

I am barely MASTER OF my pinterest boards I can hardly be expected to control night and day. I was early to the pinterest bandwagon, and at first it seemed to be entirely populated by mormon housewives punting cloying homilies, vile crafts, and wedding stuff. Indeed, pinterest has been criticized for being about having or wanting. Or indeed, craving. Whereas tumblr has been criticized for giving ordinary people who like art the idea they could be curators. Naughty Naughty ORDINARY PEOPLE! How very dare they?

At first pinterest suggested friends for me, but eventually, when the hoi polloi were allowed in I got to follow my creative, funny and interesting friends, and AND!!!! GARDENING TIPS! After collecting umptie recipes I will probably never cook there appeared a wash of gardening pins which I have collected AVIDLY. Now, I don’t overdo my gardening, but I am excited about it nevertheless. Even before I got a garden I watched Gardener’s World and listened, more obscurely, I grant you, to Gardener’s Question Time on the radio. If you know NOTHING about gardening then I can confirm that listening to Gardener’s Question Time will teach you nothing except that there is always someone in the audience who has actually brought a diseased plant in to the studio. It’s like a THING.

There’s nothing to say that I will do any better at following the gardening tips I have collected than the cooking, but at least I am obsessed in my mind. I do do some things. I moved a chrysanthemum today. Well, I relocated a bunch of twigs attached to some roots. They will be chrysanthemums again in the spring, though. Ollie had planted them in the middle of the garden, and I enjoyed them there this year, even though they got a bit squished by Poppet playing with her friend Charlie.

the chrysanthemums
the protagonists

I gave them a cutting back this year, though, and am relocating the resulting clumps. I plan to move some of the flagstones and have a curved path reaching round to the railings. This year I planted sweetpeas, but they didn’t do brilliantly. This was partly because I failed to factor in the reality that this is one of Poppet’s favourite places to sit and meet her public.

Lots of people block off their railings, preferring passers by not to be able to see in, but that wouldn’t do for us. Although it means I have to wear clothes a bit more than I might do otherwise, I prefer to have the view, myself. I can see the river from my bed with the blinds open.

Right, that’s enough, mes amies, til tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “No Prompts on the Weekend, Listening to the Detectives, and Dogs and Gardens

  1. the flowers are beautiful! We are moving the clocks back tonight, which means that at least I will not be getting ready for work entirely in the dark – its terribly depressing to get up and realize its still darkish when I am leaving in the morning – , but I will be leaving work mostly in the dark so its a very eh thing for me. But at least we we moved DST a few years ago – we used to move the clocks back in Sept or something crazy, so I felt like I was coming home in the dark after work *forever*

    And really, you can adjust the light to give you more play time with poppet. Just, uh, set up a very large floodlight in the yard. Neighbors will love you, right?

    1. They were rather nice last year, and although I cut back most of the garden I left them because they looked pretty after they had died, but it was a bit of a mistake since they got very overblown this year. I have split up the clumps and put them places that are hard to reach because I don’t want to be gardening my edibles in awkward places. A neighbour wants a clump, and I might guerilla garden a clump, too.

      I am fully awake now that it is light and it’s before 7. I don’t want to go make a tea because ten is in the sitting room (kitchen is through the lounge) so I am tippy tapping in the bedroom with the leccy blanket on and the dog snoring under the covers.

      Ten wears a head lamp for cycling. Maybe poppet would like one?

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