The trip to Atlantis

Yesterday was the big push to get to Atlantis. My dear, it was pissing down. I had a ride home arranged, I had cash money, so all I had to do was get there and shop.

Alright, maybe it has been 10 years or something since the last time I went there, but in the rain, and with a slightly broken boot, I was entitled to a bit of head screaming when I turned the corner between the mosque and the Bell Foundry and instead of Atlantis I was faced with a big new building with a massive Tesco Metro and NO ATLANTIS. I don’t have internet on my phone, so I called my driver in waiting and he told me where it’d moved to, which was, thank all the gods of the east end, very near, and I de-escalated the panic mode.

You know, much as I love the Tottenham Riviera, it was exciting to get right back into the east end again. Even though it was raining. I had to overtake a couple of totally tricked out steampunks at the corner of Brick Lane. They might have been out for a pleasant stroll in the rain, but I had SHIT TO DO. I found the new Atlantis building easily enough and it all looked nice and familiar UNTIL i discovered something that bent my brain. There seems to be something calling itself water soluble oil paint now. I asked an assistant IS THAT A THING, NOW???? and explained my wants and needs. She calmly explained it was quite crap, and that I should stick to my original plan of getting the new fancy acrylic paint and it’s attendant media.

I spent just under the £200 budget and got a pretty good starter kit, then Matthew came to fetch me and drove me home in his fancy posh car that made it feel like NOTHING and NO BIG DEAL. Which was awesome, because by that time I was tired. When I got in I walked the dog and had my tea and went to bed and watched tellybox things.

This morning, though, I cleared and reorientated the table ready to work at.

table clean and clear, plenty of light. paints at the ready.
and in this unassuming fridge drawer many good things. lots of new brushes, palette knives, paints and media.

In the style of Alice in Wonderland the different media do different things. One is to make the paint super thick, one is to thin it down – ONE is IRIFUCKINGDESCENT!!!!

Tomorrow I need to continue with some domestic chores and get out the materials I already have.

And maybe, just maybe make some marks on paper!

16 thoughts on “The trip to Atlantis

    1. it was weird – i found myself choosing mediums from one range and paint from another. based on… very little. well – based on what the swatches that atlantis do looked like.

      i was advised about a good online store – but at this point i had to be able to look and touch.

  1. Oooh ma gaaaawd Elaine, how exciting!!! All this and the gardening is very cool to hear about grrrrl, you gooooooo!!! Fabtastic, well done you,have funnn! And we gotta see what you get up to with that painty stuff. ooooooh super duper stuff!

    1. i don’t know whether i am arthur or martha right now! on the one hand, i have to get on with the painting while ten is out the house, on the other hand it’s been raining which is the best time to dig!

      i will probably have to abandon the internet while i take turn about digging and painting.

  2. Reblogged this on lahikmajoe and commented:
    Will she? Won’t she?

    @Elaine4Queen’s on the verge of a nervous paintdown. Stay tuned to see if she starts making things. The Tottenham Riviera might not ever be the same.

  3. Oh, now THIS is exciting. In another life I was an artist, I’m quite sure of it. Because I love all the paints and the brushes and the artistic THINGS but haven’t a lick of talent. No, not a lick. Can’t even draw a happy-face that looks like it’s supposed to.

    What will you make, what will you MAKE?!?!

    1. i don’t know! idon’tknow! IDON’TKNOW!!!!!

      luckily for me, i don’t have to worry about being blocked about it because these are new materials for me, so i have to have a PLAY. and hopefully something will come from that.

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