I have a cold – I know, early uptaker!

I don’t even know how long I have had this cold now. Is it forever or forever and a day? Here, in the plague house we are kind of just waiting each other out to see who dies. It’s like the Shackleton expedition. But with more tissues. This morning when I blew my nose something resembling a smallish coral reef came out. It wasn’t pink, though.

And at such times, when energies are at their lowest, what better to do than to contact alldogsmatter to see if i can do a little fostering? Because, you know, in the middle of a cold when you are bedridden and can’t remember when you last ate, that’s the best time to take on looking after a troubled dog.

Looking at the dogs’ specs I thought Benson looked like a good candidate.

benson. a handsome middle aged staffie. laydeez beware!

I can’t offer him a forever home, OBVS! (NO, REALLY, TRULY, OBVS – don’t bait me on this!)

Alldogsmatter don’t have a pound. When you go see a dog it’s one at a time and in a foster carer’s house, so you see the dog as it really is and not in a cage surrounded by lots of hysterical unhappy dogs. It’s a good system. It’s how I got Poppet.  I Lo-ho-hoved the look of “Badger” the husky/collie mix, but I know my limitations. That dog needs someone, or a whole bunch of someones with a ton of spare energy. Benson, on the other hand, is a middle aged staffie lad, who Poppet will enjoy having around. He needs a foster carer by the weekend, so if it’s going to be me it’s going to be SOON.

badger. off limits to us, but what a gorgeous boy!


In I am the best daughter ever news, my mum got the Kindle today, and is super happy with it. Not bad for someone who, when asked what she thought of such a thing said NO. It was the simplest one available – much like the phone I got her – no camera, no internet, just phone and text. For a technophobe  she does seem to like gadgets that do something awesome but don’t have anywhere to get lost in.


Did anyone else see anything about this? It’s about an apartment in Paris which was locked up for the war and never lived in again. A friend on fb shared one pic, and I had to go find more. She was jonesing for the dressing table, but I think I’d prefer the mirror.

Apparently the press got excited when they found a valuable painting there, but for me that’s just a mislead. I wish the lady had left me the apartment in her will. I’d love to just go there, have a bit of a wipe round and a hoover and move in. Get the chimney swept and wifi installed, bingo!


2 thoughts on “I have a cold – I know, early uptaker!

  1. Aw, Benson AND Badger! I want them BOTH! Someday someday SOMEDAY I will get a dog!

    Oh, my. That whole place was just sitting there and no one knew about it until now? That is amazing! Think of all the things they’ll find! It’s so beautiful!

    1. sooooo many lovely dogs! and it’s nice to be able to foster – gives something back without taking on a whole dog forever.

      i can’t help but feel that it would be better off in my hands, that flat.

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