A Kindle, Some Tiger Worms, and Badgers!

In exciting news about what a good daughter I am I dragged myself out of my sick bed to send my mum a Kindle. My mum has actually expressly stated that she DOES NOT WANT A KINDLE. It’s not because she hates on Amazon, that’s my bag. It’s because she is CONTRARY. She’s an avid reader, but she hasn’t been able to read for weeks and weeks because of a cataract. She just had it operated on, and is very pleased, but still can’t see for shit, and isn’t to get new glasses for weeks to come. SO. Very kindly, I colluded with my brother to buy her a Kindle and put some books on it for her. I thought the one I got her had the fancy new light thingyjig, but it seems it doesn’t. What it does have, though, is a choice about how big you want the letters to be, so glasses or not, she can have great big ginormous words and read without them. Part of my thinking about all this, is that Waterstones, one of the few real life book shops left in Britain since Amazon raped book shop world, have made a deal to sell Kindles and ebooks from within the store. My mum doesn’t have the internet, she only just has a mobile phone, but I’m willing to bet that the kind assistants will help her out with purchases since she does spend half her life in Waterstones. I got her things that I would like to read – Infinite Jest by  David Foster Wallace which I have wanted for ages, and This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper, which was probably reviewed by one of you on goodreads. I also picked a selection from their free section; A tale of Two Cities (mum’s a big dickens fan), The Book of Tea, which I thought looked like fun, having been brainwashed by @lahikmajoe, Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime because I like Oscar Wilde though I have never knowingly heard my mother mention him even in passing, and finally Les Miserables,  because my mum loved the show. It’s actually one of the very few books I have read about a third of before giving up, but it doesn’t matter if she reads it IT WAS FREE.

I hope it sees her through. And if she really hates it she can give it back to me.


In even more exciting gardening news I NOW HAVE TIGER WORMS!

our new worms settle in to their new home. i hope they are happy and do lots of worming about.

The compost in the bin wasn’t looking any more rotted down than the garden waste I had just dumped in a heap. Our recent visitor, Willie, told me that he is now self sufficient in compost and that it took him FOUR YEARS. Well, that’s a lot of hanging about, and with a garden the size of a postage stamp I don’t want four compost bins waiting for their day in the sun. While I was out walking Pops this morning I ran into a neighbour Brian with his dog Max. He said he had spare tiger worms and would I like them! His bin looked a lot more like compost than garden and kitchen waste just loafing around. Much excitement.


i want this badger

A good way to mix cute animal pics with politics is to follow the argument about the badger cull.

“Today a petition to rally public opposition to the cull, which is aimed at reducing the spread of tuberculosis to cattle, surpassed its target of 100,000 signatures, meaning that the issue can now be considered for debate in the House of Commons.”

The skinny on the story is that agribusiness has long argued that all the badgers should be killed because of bovine TB. They don’t fancy doing anything about intensive animal farming, so the poor badgers have become scapegoats. Apparently they are bad tempered little souls, but I don’t think that’s a good enough reason to kill them all, and it seems that there is no real evidence linking them to the cow TB. I don’t think that even the perviest cow would snog a badger.

Anyway, I don’t care how bad tempered they are, that photo just makes me want to home a badger family SOOOO BADLY. Why not just rehome the badgers with bleeding heart townies? Foxes do superbly in town. We don’t even hate them. And they get all the leftover fried chicken and other goodies from bins.

I reckon if moving in to town worked for foxes then it could work for badgers.


14 thoughts on “A Kindle, Some Tiger Worms, and Badgers!

  1. I know badgers are BAD NEWS but I’ve always been partial to them. They just look so cheerful and jaunty. I think it’s the stripes. I also like to watch them walk and run. They just galumph along. They remind me a little of Dumbcat, except craftier and meaner. I don’t like culling anything. It makes me sad.

    Your worms look very industrious. I hope they do all kinds of important worm-business.

    I actually read “Les Miserables” in high school. I’m sure I understood very little of it, but I remember liking it a great deal. It was pre-me-having-seen-the-musical so I think I just read it because I was on a “I will read ALL THE IMPORTANT LITERATURE!” kick when I was 16. I was very self-important then.

    1. Well, exactly. If they kill all the badgers there will be mass grief.

      And that one looks like he actively wants a tickle.

      I was seriously impressed by the look of Brian’s worm bin. He doesn’t even have to take the compost from the bottom, he just digs in.

      I tried to read les mis when i was working for les mis. I can see how they thought they might rescue the plot by just cutting out the ranting. It’s still ridiculously popular. There’s a R4 programme called ‘I’ve never seen Star Wars” where a guest is invited to try and comment on something they’d never done. Last night the guest went to see les mis. He said there was too much singing, but he loved the set. That rather pleased me, I always wonder if anyone except me ever notices the sets.

      1. Someday when I am a fancy lady who doesn’t have to work, I will both garden and compost. I look forward to that day! Which will probably never happen because I am terrible at savings!

        You are definitely not the only one who notices the sets. I’ll always be more of a technical theater person than a theater-theater person, and the sets/lighting/sound design/costumes/props usually stand out to me before the actors do, much to the chagrin of the people I attend the theater with. (My friend C. still talks about the time we saw a play with handsome naked men showering on stage and all I could talk about was how they made an actual shower, with DRAINAGE!, work on stage. Oh, there were naked men? Huh, barely noticed. So busy trying to figure out that kickass shower situation.)

        1. Makes me wonder if he’d ever worked in theatre design. I mean it makes sense that thee and me would be looking at sets. I can watch really awful movies if the sets are good. I think if things had been slightly different for me I’d have done a technical theatre degree.

            1. thank you!

              i forget that people might like to sign petitions here, i pass them on on fb and twitter and assume everyone has seen them. thanks for asking for it – i will try to remember to add this sort of thing to the post in future.

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