Rain, blues, arguments, and an award.

News just in; Be careful what you ask for.

I wanted it to rain to facilitate my guerrilla gardening, since I don’t want to be carrying buckets of water to where I want to plant out, but it hasn’t bloody stopped. Usually I rather like rain. Makes me feel cozy. But, darlings! I HAVE A HORRIBLE COLD. And when I have a horrible cold I don’t want to see rain. Bad enough my nose is running.


Much news to tell you. Because yesterday’s post was all about the garden it seemed a little a propos of nothing at all to include such things as a lovely tumblr I made the other day elaine4queen.tumblr.com/day/2012/09/22 in celebration of the colour blue.

Joan Miró – This is the Colour of My Dreams (1925)

There is just so much going on right now. I asked to rent a garage on my estate, knowing the one right outside my flat is EMPTY FFS, and I just got the drippiest rejection email. Just parroting the tired old shit about garages being for car owners, even though no car owners ever use the garages for their cars (except the odd vintage car enthusiast) when we want it for BIKES. Surely we have the moral high ground?

Ten says we should get an old banger for the registration details and then fill it with a ton of plants all over, to MAKE A POINT. While I like this idea I would prefer to argue until they agree with me. Although, either is good.

One compromise might be to buy a vehicle we could actually use for something. One of the Kirsties suggested AN OLD AMBULANCE. Old ambulances can be very awesome indeed, and I can’t gank the picture, but look at this one! I soooooo want it. Look at it’s little FACE!


It’s ridiculous how much news I have for you right now. I’d save some of it, but this bit is somewhat overdue. I have a new taker for the sneakyfucker award. The intriguing aliceatwonderland has claimed it for her own. AND in related news, I have just been given another award myself! It’s called the ‘silver quill’ award and i got it from rosiewinelover just for a change. I will accept it in my usual manner, of not fulfilling any of the obligations I don’t want to, but since she said this of me; because she is mad as a box of frogs and that can never be a bad thing! I can only muster up so much so much bad grace.

These are the rules.

To pay tribute to the one who nominated you

Rosiewinelover tirelessly gives me awards, even though I never fulfill the rules. This only hints at the kind of stamina this woman has. She campaigns and advocates for epilepsy among other things, and makes her own pickles.

To answer the following questions.

To nominate five others and let them know. 


1- Do you prefer rhyming or non-rhyming poetry? No. I pretty much hate poetry. I do, however, like good songs which could pass for poetry. I remain devoted to Patti Smith, even though I was a mere stripling when I got into her.

2- What’s your favorite Shakespeare Play? Seriously, do you think that someone who admits to hating poetry has a favourite Shakespeare play? No, I don’t. What I do very much like is how very many of his phrases are still going strong in modern day parlance.

3- Who is your favourite author? Usually whoever I am currently reading or have just read, but a stand out author for me was Annie Proulx. Even though I read most of her stuff and only really loved The Shipping News I loved that one book so much. I didn’t even hate the film, which was a bonus.

4- Name three people who you greatly admire. Harvey Milk, Ulrike Meinhof, Ken McLeod.


5- What’s your favourite album ever? The Hissing of Summer Lawns. Patti Smith is more exciting, but you can’t fault Joni, and you can listen to her any time.

6- Which primary color do you most dislike? This is an entirely bullshit question. There are no bad colours, only bad application and juxtaposition of colours. Also, there are things that bug me about colour that are quite specific. Like, I think it is lazy to use colours straight out of the tube. The worst offender is veridian, which does not occur in nature.

7- Name a song or a poem that makes you feel emotional. I listened to Joni Mitchell singing Passion Play this morning. “Who you gonna get to do the dirty work when all the slaves are free?” Slightly off topic, but only a little, it was while I was canvasing for signatures against the badger cull.

So we come to;

To nominate five others and let them know. Which I won’t do. What I will do is point you to some of the stuff I have enjoyed lately. Five stuffs, if you will. Lookit my sidebar, scroll, scroll, and after my blogroll you can see FIVE particular posts I have liked lately. Widgets, they are the way forward. Fact.

So, and I haven’t even told you about Ken’s visit. He blogs a bit about it here and promises more soon. All the photographic evidence of his visit is on his ipad. He has accepted my gracious offer of an invitation to Drop Box, so I expect access to ALL THE SNAPS quickety quick.

7 thoughts on “Rain, blues, arguments, and an award.

  1. I want to hear YOUR story of the bon vivantery. I’m very excited about that. I want people to tell me what it’s like to meet a REAL LIFE BON VIVANT.

    We’re getting all the rain here, too. It’s fall so that’s what we get, I guess. I got soaked grocery-shopping today. SO COLD AND WET! Blergh.

    I like Annie Proulx, too. Did you read/see “Brokeback Mountain?” Thoughts? I loved the novella, and the movie did it such justice. I was so happy with the adaptation.

    1. he’s keeping all the pictures hostage. typical assassin.

      i am happy with rain if it doesn’t go on forever and if i don’t have a cold. colds and rain are not nice together.

      i did not read brokeback mountain. maybe i should. seems to have been an oversight in my usual completism. i didn’t much fancy the film, but i did like the shipping news film partly because i had loved the book. unlike captain corelli’s mandolin, which was stripped down to an insipid love story, when it was about so much more than that.

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