Lovely hyenas, No sleeps til Ken visits! and Spoonie Springcleaning in Autumn

Following a discussion on facebook where an evil friend posted this picture;

this photo, without the caption, is by one piet hugo, who has a whole exhibition of pictures of men with tame hyenas. click on the pic to see more of his work.

Which made me want a hyena SOOO BADLY!!!

(for Poppet, you understand, not *me*). And then anotherfriend cruelly posted THIS picture;

look at the smiley face! also, even poppet wouldn’t ignore cats like that boo boo.

which just makes me want one even MOAR! Aaargh! The taunting!

Can you imagine how proud Poppet would be to be seen around the Riviera with a boyfriend like THAT? Also, it would really shut up the naysayers who like to criticize staffies!

check out *my* teeth, yo!

If you click on that little cutie you can read how hyenas laugh at mealtimes because they are nervous! Not the horrid beasts of our Disneyfied imaginations, then.


NO more sleeps til Ken visits! He arrives on the Riviera around 7pm by my reckoning. He’s requested vegetables for dinner, so we are having stir fry.

Well, he’s mostly going to a tea convention but whatever, we will be conferencing nevertheless. IF lucy’s football had a searchy thing on her blog, or a tag cloud or SOMETHING! I could link you to her exciting pieces where she writes about ken’s (fictional) bon vivanting. However, failing that, lets take a look at the time when Ken stowed us away in his rucksack when he went to Berlin and visited the zoo. Here’s the storify he wrote. Or collated from our twitter clamourings.


So what else is going on in the elaine4queen house? Well, I have mostly been sick as a dawg. BUT, recently there has been a little bit of housework going on. Oddly, I discovered that another spoonie had been doing the same. (Two is not really a sample size, but it’s all I could rustle up, so bear with.) We  wondered whether it’s because it takes us 6 months to get around to doing what other people do in the spring time.

While that may be true, since it takes me a living age to get around to anything that isn’t a total emergency, but I’ve also come up with an alternative explanation (based on a sample size of one – me) because this is the time of year when I still have a bit of summer in me, so I like to tackle things before hibernation season comes upon us.

On the other hand, it could just be that I’ve got Ken coming, closely followed by Wills and Grant all the way from Scotland for a few days, and on one of those days/evenings we are having PEOPLE over. I know, not something I do lightly, but, Gentle Reader, yet another of my friends died this summer. This is obviously something that happens now. I don’t like it. Anyway, I made it to the funeral but a lot of people didn’t – it was rather sudden and in August, so people were away or just couldn’t come. So we are going to have a little remembrance here  next week. I will certainly be putting the hoover round. I also need to source nibbles and whatnot.


12 thoughts on “Lovely hyenas, No sleeps til Ken visits! and Spoonie Springcleaning in Autumn

  1. I CANNOT wait to meet la Poppet.

    I’m going to love her. I already miss my Ella, and even her dim brother Louis, so much it aches. Poppet is going to take care of me, right?

    Incidentally, I adore Staffies. They’re really good dogs.

    The Riviera, indeed.

    I haven’t asked you yet, but I will now. Can we do some meditation in the morning. I loved your recording way back when, and it was so soothing. Could you lead me through one of those in person?

    I’m a daily practitioner, so it’s not like you’ll need to start from scratch.

    Can’t wait to see the kingdom. Hopefully, I’ll nap on the flight. Otherwise I might burst from excitement.

    1. Poppet’s taking a little nap so she can give you the best welcome ever. She’s a champion snuggler, you won’t want for cuddles.

      We CAN do meditation in the morning! That would be zuper!

      Ten got some stirfry vegetables, so your veg intake is covered. As is mine, since I’ve been on this stupid diet I have eaten little but bacon bagels, so I am looking forward to some veg tonight.

  2. Those hyenas are amazeballs. I hope you guys have a fabulous time. So sorry to hear about the loss of another friend 😦 x

    1. I know! If only. I really want one…
      We will!
      I know. it was awful. We’d fallen out. Lots of us from that era fell out or didn’t mind our friendships well, and it’s been a wake up call for us all. This is part of the reason for the gathering.

  3. I can’t wait to hear all about the Bon Vivantery!

    Dumbcat does not want a hyena. They would make him very nervous. He would hide and hide again in the pots and pans cupboard. (Dumbcat’s mom, on the other hand, wants a dog so badly it hurts.)

    So sorry about your friend.

      1. aHA!

        thank you!

        Poppet slept most of the night with Ken, but she’s in with me now at 8am. I think Ken is awake, but I’m not ready to speak with my mouth… if you know what I mean. I bet he’s blogging already.

  4. It’s interesting to note (well, I find it interesting anyway) that hyenas are not related to dogs but cats. Although not felines as such, they branched off from the rest of the feliformes some 20 million years ago in Europe. The reason they look and behave more like dogs today is due to convergent evolution.

    And yes, I totally want one too!

    1. I know, I find it quite extraordinary – *maybe* that’s why they were so cool with the cats…

      But then again, there was that bear in the russian zoo who had a kitty friend. And multiple cat and dog pics.

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