OW OW OW! A Visitor, and Thinking about Traveling

I just gave the lavender a bit of a back to school haircut. Gentle Reader, as I write these very words, my left hand is stinging like buggery due to the enthusiasm of my pruning. Damn bush fought back and I didn’t notice at the time. If I were a PROPER gardener I might have thought of donning a glove, but nay, I did not take any contraceptive measure.

Still, I should have taken a ‘before’ picture because then you’d be able to see by the ‘after’ how much I had done. Too late now, but suffice to say the whole thing had rather collapsed under the weight of the flowers, as I gardened rather gently this time last year. The space that this has exposed gives me some clue where to go next with this adventure called gardening.

And I very much like secateurs. Not only do they have a good name, but they also show no prejudice towards left handed users. I like a quick unpick for much the same reason. So many tools take it out on the leftie. Even sneak attacks, like from screw drivers (think about it!) put us on the back foot. So much so, in fact, that we, on average, DIE earlier than right handed people!

So, what precipitated this mad half hour in the garden, then? Well, I’ll tell you. This morning I went to the doctor’s (docTOR, docTOR) to review my meds. More specifically, back in february I was put on a mood elevator (venlafexine/effexor) and it had an effect on my migraines – viz; if I did NOTHING except lie down and go dog walks I could have a week off a month from tanking the triptans. So, one option was to ramp up the dosage and see if I could get even more from the drug. I spent last month on a double dose, but they were time release ones, and I’d take the second dose at teatime, only to find it hard to sleep and then wake up almost every day migraining hard. So we talked about front ending them, and then he said that there was an earlier version which wasn’t time release and we decided that for my purposes this might actually be a good thing.

concentrated mood elevator, anyone?

When I got home I took one of the new ones and I swapped out the time release ones I was taking in the evening and front ended the whole thing with a time release one and a non time release one to be taken in the morning until i run out of time release ones, when i will, GR, think on and decide when to take the second pill. I dare say if mixing it up works, though, I could get him to prescribe half-and-half. Anyway, that’s all the news on that. And it’s all still very inconclusive.


This time next week I will have met our Ken or, if you prefer, @lahikmajoe, because he is COMING TO LONDON, YO! He will discover that I drink the cheapest tea ever, and that I use bags, and that i squeeze bags, which is apparently a mortal sin. Also, he’s a doggy person, so he will love Poppet’s welcoming stylings. She loves a visitor, and if one stays the night she wouldn’t think of not sleeping with them, that’d be rude!

So that’s exciting. Doubtless we’ll both be blogging it.


You know I was looking at flat swaps for holidays? Well I have found another site which is all about pet sitting. Tends not to be paid, but there’s very little to do that you wouldn’t be doing at home anyway, and you get an animal or two for the duration to love on. I read ALL the listings, because that’s my way, and I was really taken with a couple of gigs dog sitting in Canada for huskies. Imagine!

Anyway, what’s probably a bit more realistic, at least to start with, is shortish breaks in the UK, France, and Spain. I have paid quite dearly for local trips I took this summer – a week away seems to cost about 10 days of excessive crashing health-wise, but if I do get a jump on things with medication then it might be quite do-able and would certainly be nice for convalescence. During the time I spent away I was really very well, for me, so if I could fashion a trip where I got that benefit while reducing post holiday crash then I might get a bit more out of going away. And I do love abroad.


9 thoughts on “OW OW OW! A Visitor, and Thinking about Traveling

  1. I was telling Ken, I don’t know which of you I’m more envious of, you for getting to meet Ken, or Ken for getting to meet you (and of course POPPET!) I decided I’m equally jealous of you both.

    You’d better photograph and blog the hell out of it. Also, give him the biggest hug in ALL OF ENGLAND and have it be from me. I have to vicariously bon vivant, I might as well do it right.

      1. I DO remember the zoo and Berlin. With much joy. PENGUINS THERE WERE PENGUINS!

        Make sure you mention me at LEAST one time. That way it’s like I am THERE.

      2. I’m in Ken’s rucksack? He’s going to have a terrible time getting me through customs. I’m wriggly and can’t ever sit still. Also I giggle a lot when poked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

        But it will be WORTH IT for BON VIVANTERY!

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