Productive Day

Where have I been and what have I been up to? That’s what you’re asking, and now, SHAZZAM! I’m going to tell you. Just like that.

“Anne and her family lived alone on an island. She enjoyed having tea time with her friends the spiny lobster and baby hawk.” (National Geographic, August 1938)

Well, today, obviously, I’ve been having tea with my lobster and baby hawk. Dammit! I want a lobster and a baby hawk! This should most certainly be my life.

Today one of the random people I say good morning to gave Poppet a giant piece of meat! It was raw! She sniffed at it politely, recognizing it was a present, but wouldn’t pick it up. So I picked it up with a poo bag and told him I’d cook it. Which I didn’t. I threw it in the bin. Am I a bad person? Oh well. There’s more. I threw out some recycling Ten was hoarding, as well. And I hoovered and mopped. I’m now lying on the bed with the dog listening to Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle on youtube and writing to you, m’chums.

Yesterday I saw a swan family – mum and dad and two actual cygnets. These are the first ones I have seen all year, and they were pretty massive – about half the size of their parents and grey and fluffy. I can only think that the feathered beasts who hang out here all year consider this not to be the best creche. I’ve also only seen one canada goose family and a couple of duck families. WHERE are they keeping all the babies??? Anyway, I am glad there are some. I’ve seen a cunning looking M Reynard on the opposite bank, and there are not only the usual rowers and canal boats this year, but during the Olympics there was a very rude and horrid ferry service. So they were better off out of it. Whereveritis they are hiding.

Hey, I just made you a little tumblr post!

My word, what a productive day!


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