blissing out in north norfolk – but where are the kisses?

“Kisses are a better fate than wisdom.”
— ee cummings

i am on holiday again.

withnail and i

okay, it’s not like this. but i can’t help it, i love that film, and i LOVE that clip.

and i am in the country, so.. it’s a little bit relevant. is withnail and i everybody’s favourite film, or just mine? i’m kind of obsessed with it.

i digress.

kisses. i am liking my holiday and my friends, but, people! TEN AND POPPET ARE NOT HERE! so no kisses. i miss the kisses.

The Pincers Pace Platoon, Formation no.1 – R Yuki Agriardi

where i am is lovely. it’s a holiday home owned by my friend lottie’s brother. i’ve been up here lots of times, and it’s always amazing. i love north norfolk soooooo much. we went to the big fancy beach the first day, but the past three days we’ve gone to a little local beach called west runton. lottie’s sister is here and she has a little boy who isn’t two yet, so we go in the morning and stay until it is getting too hot for a baby, and incidentally, this is perfect for me. i have been very well here. today i swam in the sea. it was brilliant.

lottie dropped me back at the house afterwards because i was so knackered, and i had a shower and a lie down, and now i am listening to the mental illness happy hour and writing to you, my penpals. possibly part of my wellness has been to do with reduced screen time. for a long time i wouldn’t read books because of eye pain, but i’ve been reading a little gem by douglas coupland called the gum theif. it was great and i absolutely ripped through it. my friend grace gave me it when i was in brighton, i’d never read anything by him before. being a completist, i will now be reading EVERYTHING by him.

another thing i want to do is go back over the norfolk writers.

you know i’d move here if i could work out how. i think if i walked on sand every day i’d get so well. plus, you sleep like the dead here.


11 thoughts on “blissing out in north norfolk – but where are the kisses?

  1. I can easily believe you are having less problems with less time on screen. As long as you check in enough to know you are ok – well, I know I will miss you, but its good to know that you are better =-) and having a great time!

  2. I love North Norfolk too! I only went there once and camped in the grounds of Haveringland Hall And Park, but I cycled Marriot’s Way and got a train into the next town, found lots of beautiful little restaurants and generally enjoyed the countryside and blissed out.

    I’d like to go back one day, but D and I wouldn’t be camping.

    1. it’s “gone up” slightly over the past couple of decades, but not so much as to spoil it.

      the beaches are great, and you can take dogs. i didn’t bring poppet because there is a ban on dogs in this house, but next time ten says he will camp in the garden with poppet. it’s lovely seeing dogs on the beach. and even at this time of year it’s never too crowded.

  3. Norfolk is lovely and it makes me think of Stephen Fry who is also lovely so win-win.

    Withnail is my favourite film too and I’m mad about it, can quote all of it etc. So in answer to your question: Yes, it’s perfectly normal! 😉

    1. i’d like to spend more time up there. i fantasize about being able to walk on the beach every day with poppet.

      wading about in the sea was so healing. i wish i was there now.

      bee tee dubs, if you wanted to write to me directly my email is under the big “me me me” pic on the side. x

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