dog day holiday

quite naturally, i failed to either bring my camera charger or simply charge the battery, so this post is brought to you by the letters FFS and the number LOW RES camphone. or it could be more about the weird picasa configuration on this netbook. I DON’T KNOW!

good morrow

poppet is having the BEST time. we are visiting with another staffie, the tiny diva.

here, diva, aged 105 in human years, accepts small pinches of chappie hand fed to her. she is so old and picky it’s hard to get her to eat anything, and she is well disposed towards being fed by hand.
the two dogs have become lovely friends. i hope to get some sort of snap of them being sweet together, but it’s a bit of a lottery.



here’s hazel and pops AT THE PUB!!!! yes, this truly is poppet’s dream holiday.

(and i am enjoying it, too)

when we first got here we took her into the garden, but now it’s pretty much out of bounds, since there are two guinea pigs which she spent a solid day obsessing about.

last night the usually reticent diva decided to show us THE BEACH. poppet was transFIXED. she stared at the sea through the railings like some sort of dog beggar girl glimpsing a fabulous banquet.

this avo we walked up to the racecourse, which she enjoyed, and I, gentle reader, HAVE HAD NO MIGRAINES! (and i have even had glasses of wine!)

two more whole days to go. and a bit. ten is in the kitchen kicking up a storm, while we watch the opening of the olympics.

che took this little gem

12 thoughts on “dog day holiday

  1. oooohhhhhhhhh, yay! you is on holidays!!!(no migraine,yay!) enjoy the rest. love emma,rachel and the lovely puurrrrrl xxxx

  2. Holidays, yay! I’m glad it’s going well.

    When I was just a daisy seedling, I had a tiny wee red version of that chair in the top photo.

    Has Poppet actually been on the beach? My old dog was outraged by the ocean. All this water that went away when she barked at it, then had the temerity to come back again. The cheek of it.

    1. i loved poppet sitting in that chair. it is quite small and she looked like she was playing house sitting in it.

      poppet loves swimming, so she was very happy about the sea. she has been before, but it was ages ago and during the winter. also, brighton beach is pebbly, so when she tried to run it was funny. the guinea pigs are squeaking outside. this is a matter for her concern. she’s not spooked by inanimate objects but likes to have a bit of order from birds and transgressive animals.

    1. this botox treatment is really very good. i have still had to take triptans, but instead of being laid totally low i have recovered and done lots of things i wouldn’t normally.

      poppet isn’t interested in the beer, she is all about the people. she always pulls towards a pub door, and we never go in… usually!

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