a shop, a holiday, and a new keyboard layout

the internet’s a funny old world, isn’t it? i mean, time was when you had to confine your ‘if i lived in the country/at the seaside fantasies’ to rubbernecking for sale signs while driving around on holiday or just staring glumly at tiny advertisements in newspapers and magazines. now, with the almighty power of google maps and bing, you can HAVE IT ALL. you can peruse the listings all over the world, peel the little mannie off and snoop around, find out about local amenities, and even find out about what developments might be built nearby. all without leaving the comfort of the electric blanket.

this shop is in holt, a village in north norfolk. what the blurb doesn’t mention, but is nevertheless a fact, is that next door is a boiled crab shop.

when i was house hunting for this flat i looked far and wide. and i read a lot of blurbs. i became rather sensitive to the language employed. basically, it is a lot like dating sites – mentioning and highlighting the good points and drawing a veil over the, well, wooden teeth, wooden personality, wooden whatever. one place looked amazing from the ad. it had a sea view and a large front room with period features. and yes, once i paid a little visit via peelie mannie on google maps i discovered it also had an ARCADE downstairs. because it’s just not worth mentioning all the clashing disco music and games noises ISSIT???

anyway, this time round i was looking for rentable holiday homes, not shops. i had slipped into a friend’s fantasy and got totally waylaid. still, i now have a very well fleshed out shop fantasy as well. handy, that.


today’s online efforts involved putting together a tumblr blog tottenhamriviera.tumblr.com/day/2012/07/15. it’s password protected. don’t say i never give you anything. here’s the password – urbanretreat (amy! don’t tell your dad i did this, he will be convinced i am just ASKING for all the robbers).

welcome to the tranquility of my hermitage – have you got anything in that bag for me?

so the point of doing this is to showcase my flat for potential holiday swaps. i am not made of money, but i like to get away as much as anyone else, and i don’t have any worries about lending my flat. it’s a good deal for people coming up to london, good rail connections, perfectly west end – able while being very quiet and good for riverside walks. we went on just such a walk today, and poppet found a place to swim, so she is totally zonked out on the sofa right now. there are sites where you can advertise your flat to STRANGERS but i think that i know enough people that i can start off seeing if friends want to do it. or friends of friends, so that i can see actual friends when i am visiting. anyway, it’s a start.


keeping the virtual theme going here, my last offering is this

i used to watch a tv programme called click which reviews all the new tech stuff, but i forgot about it when i started only watching stuff online. ironically. this week’s click featured the dextr keyboard layout. i wonder if i would like it or if it would be like driving on the wrong side of the road abroad, something, while a bit less dangerous, which i would find a bit unheimlich. i’d like to give it a go. the two handed two thumbed layout looks pretty good, and i really like the idea of actually giving a shit about lefties, being one myself.


9 thoughts on “a shop, a holiday, and a new keyboard layout

  1. Dad would most definitely be very distressed about this development. He doesn’t even like me to make videos. Because of KIDNAPPERS.

    Your home is beautiful. I love when someone’s home really reflects them (or, of course, what you know about them, especially when they are your imaginary internet friend.) Your home is exactly what I would expect it to be. That makes me so happy.

    1. poor dad! all the robbers, kidnappers and hired killers on the loose!

      i have to admit i have done very little to the flat. olly decorated it well before i moved in, and he made a good start on the garden. he had the sitting room more cluttered than i do, but otherwise there’s not much difference.

      1. i REALLY want to do houses up. it was lucky for us that this place was already in good nick, but i like to do colour schemes and interiors sooooo much.

        i used to get all the interiors mags, and i followed all the ‘do your house up’ programmes on tv. and before i got ill i was forever tinkering with my flat.

  2. Huh. I’m a lefty, too. The only time I ever really even notice living in a righty world/being inconvenienced by my handedness is when I am sewing. And even then it’s more of a minor nuisance.

    I am going to look at your flat, not because I think I’ll be holidaying in the UK anytime soon (HEAVY SIGH, I’ll keep dreaming), but because I love looking at houses and I am a stalker.

    1. i am pleased to be mostly stalker-enabled. my personal fb is in lockdown at the moment, which pisses me off no end!

      here, the turnstiles for traveling on the tube are right handed which makes an awkward squirmer out of me. other things i notice are cameras and screwdrivers.

    1. looking at possibilities… prob come up for a holiday oct/nov. cottage in sheringham a possible swap/rent. want to show ten around. also, my friend helen, currently in wales is open to a change of scenery. she likes norfy and wants to open a wool shop. so lots of looking and thinking….

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