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i am proud to announce my first post as a daily waffle writer! here it is to click on;

how to make a dog smile.

i feel a little bit NOIVOUS. i feel a bit of a fraud constantly categorizing and tagging this blog with “HUMOUR”, and i felt very bambi trying out his first steps writing even such a short thing and using the FUNNY WAFFLE category. cheeky me! after all, is it really for me to say that i am bringing the funnies? well, at least the picture is worth a smirk. if not a LOL. in a sneak previewy sort of a way i am going to tell you something about what i want to do in the future on the waffle – i want to do some drawings. nothing fancy, but you know, i feel perfectly free to gank images for this blog, but i do feel that copyright infringement starts getting a bit naughty at a certain point. and it gives me an excuse to wield a crayon. i did a little one for this blog last week. it was the star i used to illustrate the idea of ‘gold stars all round’.

i didn’t really like the stars i found when i did an image search, so i just drew one. it only took me a few minutes. okay, it doesn’t actually glitter, and it’s not really gold. but i drew it on top of my crayon box which is a kind of grubby gold.

anyway, that’s the plan, and you heard it here first.


now, you may remember that i got a nice award recently, but i didn’t pay it forward because, for starters no one, NO ONE even accepted the last one that i did, and for nexters i was in the middle of migraine awareness month and my birthday and i wasn’t keeping up with reading blogs.

however! this has now been rectified, and i can tell you that i have read some great blogs over the past few days. one such is from a blog called ‘becoming cliche’ and the post is called it really works and it is all about how dieting in the style of a cat is the new atkins. i thought it was very funny so click through if you like a laugh.


just in case you’d prefer to be bummed out, there’s this from my facebook feed;

“The armed forces are already providing up to 13,500 personnel for the Games – split between the venues and back-up for police. Under the contingency plans, this could reach 16,500 – 7,000 more than are being deployed in Afghanistan.”

so, erm, you know the UK is supposed to be quite *free* and a *democracy* and all that? well, not content to arm the police (our police weren’t at all armed until fairly recently, then there were ‘armed units’ which were only to be deployed on actual specific missions and yesterday when i went to buy a bra in M&S there were two policemen just standing around at liverpool street station HOLDING BIG BLACK MACHINE GUNS. i’d go back and take a picture but i am too scared – i don’t want to be arrested or shot.) we are apparently now going to have the army not only manning ground to air missiles on the top of residential blocks in the borough, but also policing the damn games!

read more here Olympic security: army reinforcements called in to fill G4S shortfall if you can bear to, that is.



5 thoughts on “my online life

  1. I feel guilty about all your policemens having guns (bobbies? isn’t that what y’all call them?) because I feel quite certain IT’S ALL AMERICA’S FAULT, because the United States is an asshole who everyone hates and wants to blow up now, and the Olympics seems like a great place terrorist dickheads would love to get up to some shenanigans. Sorry. Really.

    1. i’m pretty sure it’s not YOUR fault, personally!

      the last time i saw police with these big guns, though, was in italy when i was a teenager, and when i have been to the US i have seen cops with guns, but they were hand guns and in their belts. though they were armed, they were not WIELDING their weapons. these were big old war style machine guns and the guys were holding them in readiness. WRONG WRONG WRONG, i say.

    2. mind you, this insane rapid growth of corporations having all the power, far outstripping governments, is pretty much in the US’s court, but we have lapped it up over here, too. and by we, i don’t mean the likes of you and me.

  2. Elaine, that must be a little traumatizing to see police w machine guns! You were smart not to take a picture. Sure wish we didn’t have to worry about crazy terrorists. *hugs*

    1. it was less than welcoming, that’s for sure.
      i mean, i already feel a bit out of place there, so many SUITS. but, you know, it’s just people, right?

      less sure of that lessez faire attitude to people with GREAT BIG GUNS though.

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