nuclear power no thanks, gold stars all round, and a light show at the shard

as you might imagine, the japanese are not all crazy about having their nuclear reactors switched back on again. in fact, there have been heeoooge demonstrations about it.

back in the day when we were interested in protesting against nuclear power this was my favourite sticker. i loved the word ATOMKRAFT. isn’t language lovely? even if what it means is… well, something questionable.

“Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara has granted his fans the opportunity to download his “No Nukes” girl work and use it in protest of the Japanese governments decision to restart two nuclear reactors at the Oi power plant in Fukui Prefecture.”

Download Free “No Nukes” Print

Yoshitomo Nara. No Nukes.

so, if you fancy the poster simply click through. also, i rather assume he will be pleased if you share it on fb or wherevs, too.


gold star to me today for going SWIMMING at 8 in the morning. actually, not really. more of a gold star to stephen, my neighbour, who drove me up there. he’s on an exercise jag, and i said i would be his gym buddy, but in this country you can’t use a gym, whoever you are, unless you have had an induction.

mine is monday, so while stephen went off to do gymmy things, i headed to the pool. OMG i love swimming so much. and stephen is going every day just now, so i can alternate gymming and swimming and HAVE. IT. ALL!!!


you may or may not be aware of this, but we have been treated, in london, to this great big massive glass building known as the shard. it’s finished now, and last night there was a laser light show to celebrate it’s completion. i missed it, of course. but someone on my fb has been kind enough to reproduce it for us;

so now i don’t feel like i missed out at all.

actually, i am rather curmudgeonly about fireworks, though i like a nice expensive public display. laser displays, though? isn’t that just a bit so what? well, there’s been mixed reviews, so i guess i will never know for sure since i didn’t see it. i expect it was best for people who could see it from where they live. with a cup of tea and a comfy place to sit. the building is big enough, it’s a LOT bigger than anything around it.

a lot of other cities would really suffer from such a thing, i think, but london is a very forgiving place, architecturally, because it’s pretty messy already, and there are lots of different styles of buildings all hugger mugger with each other. if you have a spare £50M you can buy a flat there.

might be a bit cheaper to go to one of it’s restaurants, but i can’t swear to it, and i am making no promises.


9 thoughts on “nuclear power no thanks, gold stars all round, and a light show at the shard

  1. I miss swimming dreadfully! Since I am no longer able to cycle or do many of the gym stuffs it’s about all I have left.

    But I can’t get into town to use the bastard pool!

      1. Dom says he’ll drive me to the pool once we both know that I can handle it and won’t run into trouble. That’s probably quite a long time away, which is why I make the most of the hotel pool at the Discworld Convention – there is always somebody in the pool who knows me and will make sure I’m safe.

        1. i lived just round the corner from a pool in bethnal green, but they kept it so cold that i would have risked spasming and drowning. it really pissed me off!

          this one is a bit of a trek away, and even if i could cope with buses that wouldn’t help (and i can’t anyway, i get horrible motion sickness)

          going in the car takes moments. and stephen wants to go really early in the morning, which turns out to be perfect, nice and empty. if i felt like i needed to tell the attendant i was a risk i could, but the water is pretty warm. my arms and shoulders felt LOVELY for it. i am getting tummy cramps now though – i probably did a bit too much.

            1. i will try and push through it if i can. the trouble is that my muscle memory just goes HOORAY and starts getting into it. meanwhile the fibro is going – WHAT IN THE BLOODY BLUE BLAZES IS THIS ABOUT and starts flaring up wherever it can. today we have abdominal pain. who knows what else it’ll cook up. but this is a good opportunity for me and i don’t want to waste it.

              1. I totally don’t blame you! When I was in the hotel pool two years ago I was massively overweight from the meds and my Omeprazole just wasn’t coping with the presure my weight was putting on my stomach – so I lost my breakfast.

                This time I’ll try to be more careful, but I’m back to my normal size and I just know I’ll overdo it again (hopefully without the pukeage though)!

                1. i was careful about not eating too much, but i did have a coffee with stephen when i got back. normally one coffee is okay for me, but obviously i am going to have to be super careful around the exercise. news i can use, though.
                  i’m with you on hotel pools. i went on a family vacation to a hotel a couple of years ago, and i was the only one of us using the pool. i swam every day, it was brilliant!

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