colouring books and crayons, everybody look at de moon, and my summer of love

i woke up this morning (drrn drrn, drrn DRRN!)

ahem. i woke up with nothing much on my mind except to drink a gallon of tea, tidy the internet, and take the dog out. before attending to my words with friends games i saw that my friend helen lopez had posted this drizzly graphic on her fb.

reader, i thought NOTHING of it. after all, she lives in wales, what do you expect?

WELL. i couldn’t hear any rain, so i got ready to take poppet out with yesterday’s weather in mind. sunny but blowy. long sleeves and my gilet de marche le chein. when we got outside LO there was sneaky quiet rain slithering down from the sky. when i got home i looked at the weather for the week here and found THIS on my desktop

yes! there are to be black clouds with single large droplets coming out of them all week. i do like how at 10pm tonight we are to have a little scythe in our cloud, but i know that that is just my imagination. and that, in reality, we have a great big bulbous full moon hanging in the sky. yes! it’s time to post this video again!


also gleaned from fb this morning is this video from NASA. it seems that the moon is exceptionally tidy. presumably this is like the difference between a minimalist’s house and an actual lived in home – no clutter because no life.


i digress. anyway, the point is, that as a kid, i spent most of my time outdoors. summer, winter, whatever. early childhood in the garden and later on the streets, the woods, wherever.

my brother was essentially my TOY at this point

and rainy days? why! colouring books and crayons of course! (or dressing my brother up as the virgin mary and having the toys play all the other parts)


yesterday it wasn’t rainy but i was kind of duveting. i watched a crap film called the greatest which was a heap of tripe featuring completely cardboard characters thrown into a crisis and then drifting towards an inevitable denouement of realization and resolution.

after that miserable first course i decided to watch a better film for pudding. i had acquired my summer of love after reading that lena dunham had set it as required viewing for her writing team for girls


in my summer of love you don’t know what is going to happen next most of the time. two girls meet, one shows the other her favourite bathroom, the other shows the first her favourite rock.

one lives in a big house largely unsupervised, the other lives in a now empty pub with her brother who has become ‘born again’.

not only is it an amazing film, but also it features new kid on the block natalie press who could easily play me in the film about my life. she’s currently 22. i imagine she could play 16-25 which would cover my menarche and art school years.

who wants to write it with me? we’d have to get our skates on, because she won’t stay that age forever. this scene could actually be from my life.

here’s the trailer.


18 thoughts on “colouring books and crayons, everybody look at de moon, and my summer of love

  1. yoohoo,

    we have been having a lot of weather recently . . .

    . . .and a central boulder the size of a baseball stadium . . . thats not a boulder, it a \m/ rawk! \m/ 😉

    lucky/ poor bro . . . is that a malteser your holding? very high shutter speed? ;P

    do know which episode the girl falls off the front of the bike? its important to me. . . .

    I liked Last Resort a lot . . .

    Au Revoir, Mon Cherie!

    1. my main thought with the moon film was that it was VERY american. like, the moon is american, look – it has *things* the size of BASEBALL stadiums.

      or “stadia” if you are a roman.

      1. No. . . wait. . . maybe. I don’t know. Wasn’t I commenting on Tumblr yesterday? God, I’m so confused.

        1. meh. join the club. at least you understand the storify.

          it’s hard to comment on tumblr, it’s not a very discursive space. i use it for hoarding pictures, mainly. also, i have the biscuit (white chocolate covered loveliness) on my twitter and wp, but a neutral photographic grey for my tumblr, because i don’t want to cause epileptic fits or migraine or anything, scrolling pictures plus ALL THE BISCUITS is kind of too much, i think. despite the pleasure i have in being all branded out.
          i max out on my page because it’s remarkably difficult to get a single picture to behave itself on different screens on

          1. i don’t even know what discursive means, but it sounds AWESOME, and I’m totally going to use it next post. Discursively.

  2. I got up at 6:30 this morning, *in the dark*, and got ready to go for a walk. And then as soon as I got outside, rain just bucketed down. No sight of it before. So that was super.

    It is oddly fascinating to see other people’s weather forecasts. Here is mine:

        1. this one did work.

          your graphics are different from ours. the clouds look quite menacing with their three grey prongs. also, sunshine in the winter? not *a thing* here.

          the one thing about WP that i don’t like is that you can’t use html as easily in comments. i love leaving pictures in comments, and it’s easy in LJ.

          what i can do is go into your reply and fiddle with it. WISH ME LUCK!

  3. 19 & rainy? oh how I wish – it’s 35 & so intensely sunny here

    I have no idea if this link is actually going to work …

    1. i think the dark haired girl is famous now, but when i looked up natalie press there was very little to find.

      i like that photo a lot, too. loved having a garden to play in.

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